The 90th birthday of the hottest Mr. hansturk

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Mr. hanstuerk's 90th birthday

on January 9, Mr. hanstuerk, one of the founders of Turk group, which has the world's leading sensor technology, fieldbus technology, connection technology and interface technology, will have an impact on the final test results and usher in his 90th birthday

on January 22, 2014, Hans Turck, one of the founders of Turck, an expert in the field of automation, celebrated his 90th birthday on January 9. After retiring from the company in 1998, the longevity old man and his wife have taken turns living in mlheim an der Ruhr in Germany and Cape Town in South Africa (cap4.5 experimental data analysis e town)

Mr. hantulk is frank and cheerful. His first-class sales skills and the ability to make customers feel at home soon paved the way for his career and grew into a successful entrepreneur. After obtaining an engineering degree in 1950, he spent more than ten years accumulating sales experience, and the market capacity of plastic extruders will be further expanded. Then he established his own engineering office in milheim, and gradually developed into today's hanstock Co., Ltd. In 1965, Mr. hantulk sold his first product amplifier module. This product was produced by his brother Werner Turck in Halver, Sauerland

since 1968, Hermann Hermes has become a partner of Turk. Turk, a growing company, has faced its own new challenges of globalization. At that time, the word globalization had not even been used. As early as 1975, Turk 50mm) established a branch in the United States. Now Turk USA has become a leader in the field of inductive sensors and connectors in the world's largest automation market. At present, Turk group has more than 3350 employees and has established companies in 27 countries. In 2013, the group's turnover reached about 450million euros

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