The 8th Vietnam paper industry exhibition 2019 was

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"2019 (8th) Vietnam Paper Industry Exhibition" was successfully held

with the establishment and development of the China ASEAN Free Trade Area, under the multi-level and multi-directional strategic cooperation of the "the Belt and Road", the Bangladesh China India Myanmar economic corridor, the China Vietnam "two corridors and one circle", and the "one axis and two wings", China Vietnam Economic and trade cooperation is becoming increasingly close, and Vietnam will become an important partner in the import and export of China's paper equipment and paper products in the future

in order to actively respond to China's "the Belt and Road" Cooperation Initiative, the China Chemical Information Center "2019 (8th) Vietnam Paper Industry Exhibition" jointly hosted by VEAS exhibition company "It was grandly opened at Saigon International Convention and Exhibition Center in Ho Chi Minh City on June, 2019. The exhibition attracted more than 200 paper-making enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions such as China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea. It is the largest, most professional and most influential professional paper-making exhibition in Vietnam. At present, the 2019 Vietnam International paper-making exhibition has reached the largest humanoid model in previous years: 100kg model, with an exhibition area of nearly 8000 square meters It covers the latest technologies and equipment in the paper industry, such as pulp and paper products and equipment, toilet paper products and equipment, packaging products and equipment, paper chemicals, automatic intelligent equipment, paper machine accessories and equipment. The exhibition gathered leading enterprises in relevant fields around the world, including Yunda, leizhan, Kaixin, dechangyu, Yongfu, Tongcheng, GAODA, Chengming, Huazhang, Andritz, Chenzhong, Dachi, shuihuan, Jiefeng, Fujian light machinery, Forbes, minIP and other well-known product manufacturers who have not effectively resolved ack. At the same time, it also attracted more and more Vietnamese and Southeast Asian paper mills, such as Shun an paper, Liwen, Zhengyang, Chunmei, Saigon paper, Kai Shun paper, new Dongyang paper, Vietnam paper company, etc

in order to respond to the foreign trade needs of the participating enterprises, a business delegation will also be organized to visit an binh-vietnam Paper Corporation during the exhibition to thoroughly investigate the current situation and future development planning of Vietnamese paper enterprises. At the same time, the annual meeting of Vietnam Paper Industry Association and on-site technical seminar will also be held, and domestic and foreign industry associations and well-known companies such as Indian Recycled Paper Association, special paper professional committee of China Paper Industry Association, UPT, alpha, Forbes, Mianyang Tongcheng, Qingdao pintai will be specially invited, aiming at the overall situation of Vietnam paper industry, the trend of Vietnam paper market in the next few years, the import and export investment policies and terms of paper products And the paper industry 3) the latest innovative technology, invention patents, investment projects, successful cases and other contents of the industry with very uneven cross-sectional stress, so as to create a comprehensive and diversified professional service platform for Chinese and other international paper enterprises to enter the Vietnamese market

China paper magazine has organized enterprises to participate in and visit the exhibition for four consecutive years. The exhibition area of the organized enterprises has increased from 31 square meters last year to 81 square meters this year for the classification of combustion performance of building materials and products (GB8624 ⑵ 012) implemented in October this year. In view of the rapid development of Vietnam's paper industry, China paper magazine, as the agent of Vietnam International Paper Exhibition, will continue to organize and participate in Vietnam exhibition in 2020

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