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On September, 2013, the 8th Shandong International Industrial Exhibition 2013 (hereinafter referred to as the 8th Shandong Industrial Exhibition) will be held in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center! It is reported that at present, various planning schemes have been completed, and all staff are waiting for it. The publicity and promotion, investment invitation, buyer invitation, on-site preparation and other preparatory work of the exhibition have been fully started

this exhibition is hosted by China Society of mechanical engineering, supported by Jinan Economic and Information Technology Commission, Jinan science and Technology Bureau and other government units, and organized by Jinan Xinzhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. Since the first session of Shandong International Industrial Exhibition was held in 2006, it has been successfully held for seven consecutive sessions, and has a wide influence in the national and even global industrial equipment industry. Industrial enterprises from all over the country have competed to sign up for the exhibition, which has become an annual industry event for Industry insiders

exhibition area of 60 million square meters exhibition scale hit a new record

the eighth Shandong industrial exhibition after the successful holding of the seventh industrial exhibition in 2012, the exhibition scale hit a new record. Nine exhibition halls of Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center will be opened for comprehensive display, with an exhibition area of 60000 square meters. At that time, more than 1200 exhibitors from all over the world will gather to share the event, attracting more than 80000 buyers in the circuit structure industry Developers, dealers and other professional visitors came to visit and purchase. The exhibition products mainly include machine tools, CNC machining centers, sheet metal processing equipment, functional components, casting equipment, cutting equipment, hardware and electromechanical, coating industry, cleaning industry, industrial control automation, instruments and meters, transmission bearings, pneumatic hydraulics, fluid control equipment, etc

industry brands gather to create an international top event

Shandong International Industrial Exhibition enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad, with the title of the largest industrial exhibition in the north. Over the past seven years, the scale of Shandong International Industrial Exhibition has been expanding, and its strength has been praised by enterprises in the industry. Wuhan Meiman, Baima Yongcheng, Shanghai Chengsen, China Academy of Mechanical Sciences, Shandong Aotai, Yunnan kunshu, Dongfang machine tool, Dalian Yuquan, Jinan Kete, Cangzhou Jiyan, Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute, Zhejiang Yiji Machinery Co., Ltd., Tiangong Weiye, Shenzhen huameide, Yangzhou forging, Shandong Hongkang, etc. all appeared at the exhibition with a strong lineup, and achieved great success in market development and on-site transactions. The 8th Shandong industrial exhibition will again welcome brands. Recently, enterprises from South Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions have come to discuss cooperation. At that time, it will present you with an international top industrial event

the exhibition is popular, and the advance booking of gifts and gifts is open.

recently, the organizer said that the eighth industrial exhibition has officially launched the exhibition and investment projects, and the center has a new UD belt system. The industrial parks and important manufacturing bases in Dadi city have covered the exhibition advertisements. At present, more than 300 enterprises have signed up for the exhibition. At present, the organizing committee still receives a large number of applications for exhibition every day, of which more than 80% of regular customers said they would continue to participate. In order to thank new and old customers for their strong support for the exhibition, the organizer specially launched a feedback activity. For enterprises that book booths before December 31, 2012, You can enjoy the following preferential activities:

1 reservation of 10 exhibitions exclusion method: please check whether the sensor selection in the online setting is correct. For more than 10 booths (including 10 booths), you can get 10000 tickets for the conference plus the first edition of the color page of the conference magazine

2 reservation of more than 8 booths (including 8 booths) can get 5000 tickets for the conference plus the first edition of the color page of the conference magazine

3 reservation of more than 6 booths (including 6 booths) You can get 3000 tickets for the conference

warmly welcome the active participation of people in the industry and people of insight at home and abroad. Jinan Xinzhan exhibition will look forward to your arrival with the most professional and high-quality services

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