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The 9th China Leasing Industry Summit 2016 will be held in June. The first customer of A. A. C. polymers is Svetozar, a Volgograd lighting equipment manufacturer. Since the establishment of the free trade zones, China's financial leasing industry has developed rapidly under the protection of various preferential policies. Taking Tianjin Free Trade Zone as an example, according to the statistics of China Leasing alliance and Tianjin Binhai financial leasing Research Institute, as of the end of September this year, there were 624 financial leasing companies headquartered in Tianjin, 289 more than 335 at the beginning of the year, with a growth rate of nearly 50%; The registered capital of headquarters enterprises reached 228.6 billion yuan, an increase of 93.3 billion yuan over the previous year; The balance of financial leasing contracts in the city was about 1300billion yuan, an increase of about 300billion yuan from 1 trillion yuan at the end of last year. Among them, many central enterprises and large enterprises, such as Chinalco, China Railway, Ping An, CITIC Securities, China supply and marketing group, have set up financial leasing companies in Tianjin free trade zone. At the same time, the financial leasing headquarters set up by Datang, Huaneng, Huadian and Guodian in Dongjiang have all completed the capital increase this year

in the period of blowout development of leasing industry, all major enterprises want to take advantage of policy advantages and market demand. However, it is worth thinking about how to understand and clarify the policy direction at the first time, and effectively take advantage of the policy to explore business opportunities. Especially driven by the interconnection, the financing leasing channels are becoming more and more diversified. A2p, P2b, B2B, and crowdfunding models bring development opportunities for different enterprise forms and enterprise needs

according to the 2015 car rental market report, the total market value of the global car rental market in 2013 was $36.89 billion, and it is expected to increase to $79.46 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 13.6% from 2014 to 2019. The Asia Pacific region has become the largest market for car rental. The demand for car rental services in China and Japan has strongly promoted this growth. The growth of domestic and foreign tourists, the continuous improvement of road traffic and infrastructure construction, and the growth of disposable income have not only promoted the growth of tourism frequency and GDP, but also strongly promoted the car rental industry

based on this rigid market demand, Dudu decided to hold the "2016 9th China Leasing Industry Summit" in Beijing on June, 2016. This summit is composed of "Asian car rental theme" and "equipment rental theme". It will last for four days. Officials from the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of transport, the national development and Reform Commission, the State Administration of Taxation, the Shanghai free trade zone and other government agencies, as well as experts from authoritative car rental associations in Asia such as China, Japan and South Korea, will be invited to the venue to interpret the latest policy preferences and regulatory standards of the rental industry. At that time, senior executives of internationally renowned enterprises, such as didi kuaidi, yihi car rental, Uber, France Hing equipment financing, rahlangton, deyiqi leasing, IBM China leasing, Siemens Financial Leasing, Meilianxin group, Komatsu, etc., will also attend, taking their own practice as the blueprint, to provide experience guidance and development plans for all participants

in addition, this meeting will also set up special topics such as agricultural machinery, machine tools, high-end industrial equipment, medical equipment, high-tech equipment, engineering machinery, environmental protection and new energy equipment. The client of Ping'an Jiaying No. 1 is actually Dongping coal Shenma, the holding stock of new big and new materials, and cross-border leasing. Industry experts will be invited to make in-depth discussions on specific industries, Provide solutions for the diversification of financing channels and asset management mode. As a hot spot in the development of leasing industry in recent years, the free trade zone will also be hotly discussed at this meeting

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