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China's titanium dioxide market will affect the European market

according to data analysis, China's titanium dioxide market may affect the European market. For Western titanium dioxide manufacturers, it is no small matter that China Henan Bailian announced the acquisition of Sichuan longmang. In the future, the collection was directly mobilized based on this to cause an uproar in the industry

market experts estimate that 8000t titanium dioxide comes from China in Germany/Austria/Switzerland. This figure will rise rapidly. In Turkey, southern Europe and the United States, many titanium dioxide are imported from China

at present, this heavyweight competitor mainly produces titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid and why has it been in trouble? But it has been preparing to build a titanium dioxide production line by chlorination, with an annual output of 130000 tons. Once titanium dioxide produced by chlorination meets the market demand, it will become a terrible competitor, and Western companies will face more fierce competition

at present, Bailian/longmang is not ready, but it is not far from that day

indeed, this does not pose a threat to the European market for the time being. On the one hand, mergers and acquisitions have yet to be approved and are expected to be completed by the end of the year; On the other hand, integration will take some time. However, it is certain that a new heavyweight competitor is emerging

overnight, this Chinese company with an annual capacity of more than 520000t jumped to the fifth place in the world. The top four companies include DuPont (900000t), Huntsman (900000t), Cristal (800000t) and Kronos (550000t). How long will it take for him to become the first in the world? The global output of titanium dioxide is estimated to be 6.5 million tons, of which China's output is about 2.2 million tons

is completely automatic in Inner Mongolia

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