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Titanium dioxide is no longer a "double high" product

titanium dioxide is no longer a "double high" product

December 20, 2017

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since 2007, the Ministry of environmental protection proposed to cancel the export tax rebate of double high products including titanium dioxide. From July 1, 2007, the state adjusted the export tax rebate policy of 2831 commodities. After titanium dioxide products were adjusted to zero tax rebate, Titanium dioxide has been labeled as "high energy consumption and high pollution", referred to as "double high" products for short. Domestic titanium dioxide enterprises have not only been hit hard on the export competitiveness of products, but also suffered a sharp decline in social friendliness. In the past decade, titanium dioxide industry organizations and many enterprises have made great efforts and made great progress in order to get rid of the "double high", continuously improve cleaner production capacity, reduce energy consumption and emissions. In the speech of "the first China titanium dioxide industry energy-saving green manufacturing and Application Forum" hosted by the titanium dioxide branch of China Coating Industry Association on June 28 this year, the author first proposed "get rid of the double high hat", and then received a lot of response. Therefore, the article further expounds his personal opinions for discussion and welcomes criticism and correction

I. titanium dioxide produced by CO production method is not a "double high" product

on the comprehensive directory of environmental protection issued by the Ministry of environmental protection of the people's Republic of China, it is clearly stated in the remarks of titanium dioxide that "(except for chlorination and Co production sulfuric acid processes)". There is no objection that titanium dioxide produced by chlorination is not a "double high" product, but there are three domestic enterprises that have successfully developed and operated the co production sulfuric acid process. In May 2012, the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industry and the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences jointly appraised the scientific and technological achievements of the "cleaner production process of titanium dioxide produced by pyrite and titanium co production" developed by Henan baililian Chemical Co., Ltd. In the same month, it also appraised the scientific and technological achievements of the "new cleaner production process of titanium dioxide by sulfur, phosphorus and titanium co production" developed by Sichuan longmang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (Henan Bailian has officially merged Sichuan longmang titanium industry last year, and the two are integrated, now referred to as "longmang Bailian"). On July 8 of the same year, the scientific and technological achievements of the "cleaner production process technology of titanium dioxide by ammonium titanium sulfate co production" independently developed by Shandong Dongjia Group Co., Ltd. were appraised. This technological invention of Shandong Dongjia group won the "second prize for technological progress of national environmental science, but there is still a situation that money can't buy Paper" at the 2017 annual meeting of science and technology of China Association of Environmental Sciences. It is reported that several academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences presided over and participated in the three appraisals. The experts who participated in the appraisal spoke highly of the three projects, believing that these processes have unique advantages in comprehensive utilization of resources, energy conservation and emission reduction, and are of great significance in solving the environmental and development problems faced by China's sulfuric acid titanium dioxide industry Promote the upgrading and structural adjustment of titanium dioxide industry in China. 3.5.2 lime sand bricks shall not be used in building parts that are heated for a long time above 200 degrees Celsius, subject to rapid cooling and heating, and corroded by acidic media. They have important demonstration and promotion value

obviously, these sulphuric acid enterprises that have successfully developed and adopted the co production method have successfully broken through the circle of "double high", and their products are no longer "double high" products, and their enterprises are no longer "double high" enterprises

in addition, Guangdong Huiyun titanium industry and Dow titanium's methods of circular economy and titanium pyrite in the form of cleaner production methods passed the expert review organized by the national titanium dioxide industry expert group/titanium dioxide industry technology innovation strategic alliance Expert Committee in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Guangdong Huiyun titanium industry was listed as a circular economy demonstration unit by the Ministry of industry and information technology and Guangdong Province. It is also worth examining whether it has entered the "double height" decapitation ranks

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second, titanium dioxide produced by non cogeneration sulfuric acid method is not all "double high" products

in order to correctly define the "double high" scope of titanium dioxide production, relevant organizations in the industry have organized the formulation of cleaner production standards for titanium dioxide production for many times in recent years, and have also maintained positive contact with relevant national departments and made great progress. The author believes that since the cogeneration method enterprises have passed the appraisal, it is at least feasible to assess the sulfuric acid method enterprises that do not meet the conditions of cogeneration method by taking the highest energy consumption and lowest emission values of various indicators in the three appraisal of cogeneration method as the measurement indicators, and the enterprises that meet the indicators should not belong to the scope of "double high". What the state controls is energy consumption and emissions, and it is true to achieve the target

enterprises that fail to reach the highest or lowest value in the three appraisals may not be "double high" enterprises, which requires industry organizations and relevant national departments to formulate relevant standards as soon as possible, and the standard indicators may not all reach the highest or lowest value in the three appraisals

third, it is of great significance to correctly define the "double high", which should be accelerated

correctly and accurately define whether the production of titanium dioxide enterprises is "double high", which is of great significance to promote the progress of cleaner production of titanium dioxide enterprises. It will enable enterprises to set clear goals, promote enterprises to strive to meet standards, maintain the standard level, and realize the prospect of win-win for enterprises and society. On the contrary, if the enterprise does not have a clear goal, it will be at a loss and aimless under the various requirements of environmental protection departments and industry organizations at all levels. For example, the enterprise does not know which of the various environmental protection technologies and equipment can help the enterprise achieve the standard. It will only consume more social resources, delay the progress of cleaner production in the whole industry, and will also have a positive significance to increase the service life of products. Therefore, through this article, the author also calls on industry organizations and relevant government departments to speed up the formulation of relevant standards and do the relevant work in detail

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