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Titanium dioxide industry must take the road of environmental protection development

under the background of rapid economic development and rapid demand growth, the scope of investment of domestic chemicals in the past few years has been in the rapid expansion of production capacity, and titanium dioxide industry is no exception. Titanium dioxide, as a white pigment with excellent performance, is widely used in coating, rubber, plastics, papermaking and other industries. Due to the long process of traditional production methods and great environmental pollution, it has not met the needs of national economic transformation and upgrading.

the titanium dioxide industry must take the road of environmental protection and development.

up to 20 times, Shangpu consulting chemical industry analysts pointed out: relevant data show that by the end of 2012, The production capacity of titanium dioxide in China is about 3million tons. It is estimated that by 2015, the production capacity of titanium dioxide will exceed 4million tons. A large number of new production capacity has led to fierce competition in the industry and a large decline in profits. Many enterprises are at the border of loss and loss, and some enterprises are forced to withdraw from the industry. However, the titanium dioxide industry is very easy to cause environmental protection and safety problems, and the current situation is very embarrassing

how to choose the electronic tensile machine with high practicability? Recently, pollution incidents in the titanium dioxide industry have occurred frequently. The illegal discharge of Chongqing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, a leading enterprise in the titanium dioxide industry, has been exposed. The iron in the sewage discharged through the sewage outlet of the Yangtze River exceeded the standard, causing a strong public response to the environmental problems of the titanium dioxide industry. The leading enterprises are still like this, and the overall situation of the industry can be imagined

the pollution of titanium dioxide industry has attracted great attention of relevant national departments. At present, the Ministry of environmental protection is formulating pollution prevention policies for titanium dioxide industry, and the national development and Reform Commission is formulating industrial energy consumption standards. It is expected that the environmental protection costs of enterprises will be significantly increased. Enterprises that do not meet the policy requirements will be more constrained in terms of exports, credit, etc., and the pace of eliminating backward production capacity will be accelerated. The supply and demand pattern may be reversed, and some enterprises that do not meet the standards will be eliminated

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