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Titanium dioxide market continues to rise, sulfuric acid market continues to rise

affected by the domestic "energy conservation and emission reduction" policy in the early stage, the actual output of all domestic titanium dioxide production enterprises has shrunk sharply, while the production and operation costs have risen rapidly. This situation will continue until the state has issued relatively loose policies on environmental protection requirements. Since then, the domestic titanium dioxide industry has been confused by the sharp rise in power consumption costs and the shortage of mineral resources, and the cost pressure has further expanded. So far, the domestic titanium dioxide industry has once again suffered from the impact of the rapid rise in sulfur prices. While the cost pressure is increasing, the supply of goods continues to be in short supply

recently, the domestic titanium dioxide market has been strongly driven by its material market, the price of titanium concentrate has increased, the price of acid soluble slag has also increased repeatedly, and the price of sulfuric acid has also continued to rise. It is expected that the domestic titanium dioxide price will continue to rise in November

Pangang titanium revealed that 1 is highly applicable. After two price increases, the arrival price including tax of r-248 and r-258 has been adjusted to yuan/ton. The sales situation is still very good due to the particularity of the use of experimental machine fixtures. At present, titanium dioxide has been in short supply. Recently, the group is ready to adjust the price, and it is expected to increase the price by yuan/ton next month

dragon Python titanium also revealed that the price has been adjusted frequently recently, and the sales situation is still very good. At present, the terminal reference price of R-996 in the market has exceeded 16000 yuan/ton. It is expected to raise the price again next month, and the terminal reference price is expected to reach 17000 yuan/ton at that time. Hisense run titanium dioxide price increase notice from October 28: in order to effectively protect the company's service capacity and maintain the friendly cooperative relationship with customers during the important strategic opportunity of development, based on the principle of mutual win and mutual benefit, from October 28, 2010: the price of all anatase titanium dioxide specifications will be increased by 1000 yuan/ton on the original basis; On the other hand, the price of all rutile titanium dioxide specifications will be increased by 600 yuan/ton on the original basis; The situation of titanium dioxide in short supply continues, and the price increase of titanium dioxide is still going on. In October, all titanium dioxide factories have experienced many price adjustments, and the range of adjustment is not small. At present, the price of titanium dioxide has been relatively high, but rutile titanium dioxide is still expected to raise the price by 500 yuan/ton in November

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