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Titanium dioxide manufacturers in the United States will welcome the dawn

affected by the global economic downturn, the weak titanium dioxide Market in the United States has lasted for about a year. However, recently, the construction industry, the main downstream area of titanium dioxide, has shown signs of recovery. Therefore, titanium dioxide manufacturers predict that the downward trend of the market will come to the end of the reversal, and the growth of market demand may drive prices to rebound at the beginning of next year. However, at present, it is still in the traditional off-season of demand, and the titanium dioxide market will remain depressed until the end of this year

Peter Huntsman, CEO of Huntsman, a major titanium dioxide manufacturer in the United States, said recently: "we believe that downstream manufacturers will complete inventory clearance by the end of the fourth quarter of this year, and demand will increase steadily in the first half of 2013." DuPont and Lockwood also believe that the demand for titanium dioxide will increase with the recovery of the real estate market in the key downstream consumer areas of paint and coatings. The American Association of Realtors said in its semi annual housing demand forecast recently released by the production workshop that is the most popular enterprise that the number of new housing starts in 2012 will increase by nearly 22% compared with 2011. In addition, Karen Fletcher, vice president of investor relations at DuPont, said that the European economy will stabilize and China will invest more in infrastructure in the future, which will promote the improvement of the U.S. titanium dioxide market. Due to the promising industry prospects, DuPont will still be committed to the titanium dioxide business investment plan, which is expected to be implemented by the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015, including the addition of a 200000 t/a production line at Altamira plant in Mexico, and the upgrading of 150000 T/a units in the United States, Mexico and Taiwan, China

a building coating manufacturer predicts that its demand for titanium dioxide will increase by about 10% next year, its inventory will no longer be high, and its price will continue to rise. Before that, inventory clearance will continue because of the typical seasonal off-season demand. Other titanium dioxide users said that they would not implement any plan to buy titanium dioxide before the end of this year, waiting for the price to fall further, so that next year, Rockwell hardness test could adopt three indenters to produce coatings at a lower cost. Sunway, a major paint manufacturer in the United States, also said that as usual, the operating rate will be reduced in the fourth quarter to reduce production. Christopher Connor, CEO of Sunway, stressed that titanium dioxide manufacturers and buyers must endure a period of price decline

at the same time, under the influence of the concept of cost reduction and efficiency increase, many manufacturers are actively looking for low-cost alternative technologies, such as the use of low-cost sulfuric acid titanium dioxide in primers. Huntsman also said, "in the past two years, all the increased production capacity has adopted the sulfuric acid process, and no customer is willing to spend more money to buy chlorinated titanium dioxide." Some downstream users are also upgrading the process to reduce the amount of titanium dioxide. A paint manufacturer said that due to changing the formula and improving the efficiency of raw materials, enterprises will reduce the purchase of titanium dioxide by 15% to 20% next spring. Therefore, the price of titanium dioxide is difficult to reproduce the past glory in the short term

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