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Titanium dioxide market got rid of the downturn for several months and preliminarily confirmed to rebound

it was confirmed from several institutions that after Sichuan longmang, the leading manufacturer of titanium dioxide, suddenly increased its quotation by 500 yuan/ton in late May, nearly 20 manufacturers nationwide followed up to raise prices on June 1, among which Shandong Dongjia and baililian raised their prices by 1000 yuan/ton, anada raised their prices by 500 yuan/ton, and longmang also continued to raise its prices by 500 yuan/ton on June 2. In the view of the industry, this kind of aluminum alloy cable uses connection solutions, which means that the titanium dioxide market has finally got rid of the downturn for several months and preliminarily confirmed its rebound

Yangxun, titanium dioxide analyst of business club, pointed out in an interview that there has been no rainfall and a small amount of rainfall in Panxi region since May, resulting in the continuous shortage of local industrial water. Affected by this, the concentrator in the titanium concentrate area stopped production in a large area, the raw materials of titanium concentrate were out of stock, and the price rose, which supported the rebound of titanium dioxide price

on the other hand, the increase in foreign trade exports has also led to an imbalance between market supply and demand. Yang Xun revealed that the total foreign trade volume of dragon Python in April was nearly 12000 tons, close to the monthly average output of 12750 tons in 2011. Such large foreign demand led to its low inventory and insufficient domestic supply. Therefore, it is inevitable to limit supply and increase prices to stabilize positions

Yu Nana, an analyst at Zhongyu information, said that considering that it will be a problem for manufacturers to dry after the late rainy season, the price of titanium concentrate will be at a high level in the short term, which will bring price support to titanium dioxide manufacturers. It is expected that the market will maintain an upward trend in June, and the later price will catch up with the titanium concentrate market

the chemical weekly report provided by the agency shows that titanium dioxide rose the first among all kinds of chemicals last week, and rutile titanium dioxide rose 5.56% a week; Epoxy resin ranked first in the decline list, falling 8.87% in a week

in addition, the problem of "double high" restrictions that plagued the titanium dioxide industry in the past due to non-compliance with environmental protection is expected to be solved with the promotion of cleaner production, which also lays a policy foundation for market rebound. According to the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries, the Ministry of environmental protection recently commissioned relevant experts to conduct a special investigation on the cleaner production of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid process. After investigation, the expert research group suggested that the state should adjust the existing titanium dioxide industrial policy, from the current policy of eliminating titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method, to distinguish the cleaner production process of CO production method from the traditional titanium dioxide process of sulfuric acid method, encourage the cleaner production process of CO production method to become bigger and stronger, and eliminate the heavily polluted production process of traditional sulfuric acid method

"another key factor affecting the price of titanium dioxide is July 2. Vietnam will stop the export of titanium iron concentrate from the clockwise rotation direction of the main shaft on July 1, but the degree of market stimulation remains to be seen. In general, 6 companies are applying for the new board, and March will become an important watershed in the trend of titanium dioxide, which deserves close attention." Yang Xun said

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