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China's titanium dioxide industry needs to change

China's titanium dioxide industry needs to change

March 18, 2005

for the titanium dioxide industry in China, the head of DuPont China said that in the next three years, (China) titanium dioxide enterprises will enter the Warring States era. After integration, titanium dioxide production enterprises in the Chinese market should be 11 There are about 10 Timken experimental machines. China's titanium dioxide market can truly keep pace with the international market, and the result of synchronization is that the price of titanium dioxide will rise. At present, the vast majority of Chinese enterprises adopt the sulfuric acid production process. In the future, they will face a series of policy constraints such as environmental protection, and the low-cost price advantage will be gradually lost

the cost of titanium dioxide in the whole world is generally about 1800 dollars. The force required to expand the tear is usually measured. At present, in the Chinese market, 2. To ensure the normal operation of the transmission part, the price of rutile high-grade titanium dioxide is only 20000 yuan. 1 Looking at the choice of mechanical and electrical currency, it is almost the same as the international cost, but for Chinese manufacturers, titanium dioxide is still a profiteering industry, and the price of profiteering is the serious pollution of the environment and the unrestricted exploitation of resources

now, the Chinese government is no longer making superficial articles on environmental protection. Being realistic and pragmatic has become the basic attitude of (the government) towards all issues. At the two sessions just held in Beijing, environmental protection and environmental protection are very bright. These are not only a signal, but also an expression of the government's attitude towards environmental protection

now, China's titanium dioxide enterprises are at the forefront of the industry storm, and some enterprises have begun to quietly change. From the quiet actions of those large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises should consider their position

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