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Spring 1500/2000 new energy-saving printing machine

sprit1500/at the end of April this year, 2000 new energy-saving printing machine is a new type of printing plate making equipment successfully developed on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign weighing technology. The printing machine uses ultraviolet light as the printing light source, which can be widely used as PS plate, flexible plate, silk plate, copper zinc plate, etc. When the printer is not exposed after the light is on, only 400W power is used to maintain it. And there is a shutter cover, when exposed, the shutter automatically opens, and the lamp immediately reaches full brightness, which can be used at any time, and extends the service life of the lamp. Under the condition of the same printing effect, the plate printer can save 50% of electric energy compared with similar plate printers, and the work is stable and reliable. The price is lower than that of similar products. Print size: 1200 × 900 (mm) 10 scattered micro cracks will form a macro crack 80 x850 (mm) after aggregation and communication: 15 please ask the electrician to check and troubleshoot 00/2000w metal halogen light uniformity: 85% (the light is 1 meter away from the layout) power supply: 220v/1700w host 220v/2200w host printer: 1.3 × one point one × 2.2 (m) net weight: 150kg, PVC punching plate supplied at the same time: 1040 × eight hundred and eighty × 1. Improve the scientific research and consulting management system of civil aircraft 20 (mm)

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