The hottest spring returns to the earth, and the S

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On March 5, a notice entitled "notice on actively responding to the suspension of sand mining at the Pearl River Estuary" appeared on the official of Shenzhen cement and Products Association. According to the requirements of the provincial government notice, all sand mining points in the Pearl River Estuary (including Shenzhen and Humen) will be suspended for 50 days from the place where the operator returns to due to the impact of turning off the power operation and motor source after the test on March 1

in just 10 days since sand mining was stopped on the 1st of this month, the price of desalted sea sand has risen from 60 yuan per ton to 90 yuan per ton, and the price is still rising

spring returns, and the heat wave of machine-made sand is coming.

Chen Aizhi, President of the cement and products industry stable and reliable performance association, believes that artificial machine-made sand may be the only way to solve the suspension of supply of desalinated sea sand in recent two months. In 2014, the Industry Association conducted experiments in Shenzhen, and they will also discuss the application standards of machine-made sand developed in Shenzhen at the end of the month

Nanfang road machine-made sand equipment fills the market gap of high-quality sand required by domestic high-grade construction projects. In the world-renowned main construction project of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, the complete set of fine aggregate processing equipment of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. produced perfectly graded aggregates, from controlling the quality of coarse and fine aggregates to producing cast-in-place asphalt concrete with high quality requirements, which fully met the construction standards of the bridge, set a model for Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. and the whole machine-made sand industry, and also became a new starting point for the development of machine-made sand

spring returns to the earth, and the heat wave of machine-made sand is coming.

spring returns to the earth, and the heat wave of machine-made sand is coming.

the machine-made sand and stone powder produced by the V7 dry sand making equipment of Nanfang road machinery can be fully utilized. The grading is continuous, uniform and stable, which greatly increases the production of sand in the particle size range of 0.6 ~ 0.15mm that was difficult to produce. The particle shape is round. MQ ⑴ 2 produced by Jinan Shijin, that is, the current Mrs ⑴ 0a4 ball friction and wear tester, can be comparable to high-quality natural sand. The fineness modulus can be freely and simply adjusted between 2.6 and 3.0, and the appropriate moisture content can be set through the humidifier to prevent dust and uneven particle size. The equipment is fully enclosed design, the air screen is in a negative pressure state, the dust does not overflow, and zero emission can be achieved

sand is the main material of concrete. With the development of the construction industry and the attention to the quality of construction projects, the quantity of sand used in the construction market is increasing, and the quality requirements are higher and higher, while the qualified natural sand resources are less and less. Desalination of sea sand is also a non renewable resource at present, so it is imperative to promote machine-made sand. Winter has passed, and spring has arrived as promised

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