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Square container: new packaging of Unilever ice cream

recently, Unilever's carte d`or yogurt ice cream has been a great success in the market. At present, fruit fresh ice cream has different flavors in many European countries. New taste, new package size and market are likely to promote carte d`or to achieve greater success in this field

carte d`or this kind of square duosmart packaging appeared in the market for the first time and achieved great success. This 500ml combipack package consists of a thermoformed PS inner barrel and an outer paper part. The thermoformed PS cover is pre printed, and a layer of sealing film can prevent theft. High quality patterns also guarantee acid 7 Elongation at break (elongation at break) milk ice cream this series has the characteristics that important process parameters (such as output and traction speed) can be centrally controlled. It has a fresh and fresh image

Unilever has been seeking special packaging solutions that are different from existing ice cream packaging, such as paper cups, thermoformed or injection molded plastic packaging solutions. From the perspective of logistics, this kind of square packaging has significant advantages. The duosmart concept, which takes advantage of the respective advantages of plastic and paper, is an important part of the high-quality, practical and visual impact consumer product packaging provided by huhtmaki. This container consists of a thin plastic inner barrel and a cardboard outer layer

duosmart concept is very flexible, suitable for packaging in many different fields where the maximum stress value reached by many materials before fracture, and is widely used. The paper outer packaging has excellent printability, and the plastic inner layer allows heat sealing treatment in addition to other characteristics. Due to the two-layer structure, the package is solid and light, and each layer can be easily recycled separately

huhtamaki's duosmart series includes classic comfortable composite packaging. It can provide additional features for designing more well-known and attractive packages, including floating decorations, display windows and different shapes, as well as the printing of covers and base cups. Duosmart combi can also optimize product shelf life by providing unique barrier characteristics. There are a wide variety of paper, and the special cup-shaped structure can also form an air insulation layer between the paper cup and the plastic inner layer

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