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The quality of spring soft mattresses is reliable, and the packaging marks are generally nonstandard

at present, there are 14 spring soft mattresses production and processing enterprises in Jiangmen City. 3. Metallographic analysis industry, the total stress relief body of product quality is good, and citizens can rest assured when purchasing such products. This was learned from the Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision yesterday

In September, the inspection team of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision concentrated on the thorough inspection of spring mattress enterprises in Jiangmen urban area, focusing on the production sites, materials used, packaging marks and product inspection of the enterprises. The inspection found that there are currently 14 certified spring soft mattress production and processing enterprises in the urban area. During the inspection, four enterprises were investigated and dealt with, and two unlicensed production and processing sites were also found

this inspection found that the production and processing enterprises of these spring soft mattresses generally have the problem of nonstandard packaging marks of finished products, and a small number of enterprises have products that are not marked. If they can indicate that the machine is in good condition, the standard number, quality grade, fabric and inner core materials are included. In this regard, law enforcement officials have instructed the parties to make corrections within a time limit. During the inspection, the analyzer was compared with the machine impact tester, and no malignant events such as using waste materials as raw materials were found. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision said that generally speaking, the product quality produced and processed by the spring soft mattress production and processing enterprises in the urban area is relatively reliable

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