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Fangyuan pt6013 and pt6016 tower cranes passed the test at one time

recently, the flat head jack up tower cranes of pt6013 and pt6016 independently developed by Fangyuan group hoisting machinery factory passed the load test of Shandong special equipment inspection and Testing Institute at one time

the inspectors carried out the rated weight test at the maximum working range of the rated lifting capacity, the 125% overload test at the maximum working range, and the rated lifting capacity at the maximum working range and the cable-stayed test at the maximum working range for pt6013 and pt6016 tower cranes according to the tsgq lifting type test rules. The main structural stress safety protection devices and technical design documents were tested, and their moistureshield products were certified to contain 95% recycled materials and reviewed. After testing, the performances of pt6013 and pt6016 tower cranes produced by Fangyuan group hoisting machinery factory meet the design requirements and the relevant provisions of relevant standards and test rules

the maximum lifting capacity of Fangyuan pt6013 tower crane is 6 tons, and the maximum working range is the formula for calculating the compressive strength of wrapped cartons: 60 meters. Flexible arm changes of 55, 50, 45, 40, 35 meters can be achieved according to the construction requirements. The rotation adopts symmetrical double frequency conversion motor, with flexible operation and anti swing function of hook; The lifting mechanism adopts the new square four shaft reducer developed by the company, which is easy to maintain; The variable frequency motor can adopt open-loop and closed-loop methods for variable frequency adjustment and control, which has the characteristics of more stable operation, larger adjustment range, more accurate positioning and so on, and has the functions of zero servo fall prevention, inching and so on

Fangyuan pt6016 type 2 is firmly around the high-end tower crane, with a maximum lifting capacity of 8 tons and a maximum working range of 60 meters. The jib is more flexible, and can meet the requirements of changing the jib according to the user's construction site. The three mechanisms adopt full frequency conversion control, and the lifting mechanism adopts frequency conversion motor with rotary encoder; The slewing mechanism adopts symmetrical double torque motor, which is flexible in operation and has the function of hook anti swing like pt6013 tower crane; The luffing mechanism adopts variable frequency motor and planetary gear reducer, which can flexibly realize gear change and operate smoothly, which is more suitable for the current demand of modular construction market

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