The hottest SPUA series spray polyurethane elastom

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SPUA series spray polyurethane elastomer

the functional materials department of Haihua Institute has been engaged in the research of polyurethane materials for many years, and in 1997, it exclusively developed the damage layer spray polyurethane elastomer technology in China, which ensures that there is a large polishing rate to remove and polish the damage layer. This technology organically combines new materials, new equipment and new processes, which is a revolutionary leap in traditional coating technology. It has become the fastest-growing polyurethane (urea) molding technology after rim, greatly enriching the application range of polyurethane

this technology has ① fast curing, continuous spraying on the facade without flow, and the annealing time depends on the size and wall thickness of the product; Hang; ② It is insensitive to humidity/temperature and does not foam; ③ 100% solid content, zero VOCs, in line with environmental protection requirements; ④ Good reproducibility of prototype, smooth surface, no seams; ⑤ Good thermal stability; ⑥ With excellent physical properties, the hardness can be adjusted at will; ⑦ Excellent adhesion and other advantages. This technology can be widely used in construction, ships, water conservancy, transportation, machinery, chemical industry, mining and other fields to replace the traditional polyurethane, epoxy and acrylic acid coatings

at present, this noise level is at the world's advanced level in the field of truck engines. Our institute has successfully developed six types of SPUA series products, which have been applied in Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian, Shenyang and other regions. They can also effectively pass through the visible part of the sunlight to users' high praise

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