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Sprint expanded its cooperation with jinyatuo to manage LTE deployment business in the United States

jinyatuo, a leading manufacturer in the field of global digital security, widened its statistical data through a multi-year contract on managing the growing LTE deployment business in the United States, indicating its long-term cooperative relationship with sprint. Spring has 57.7 million users. The company will use Jin Yatuo's allynis advanced over the air (AOTA) solution as its service (SaaS) platform to facilitate the activation of LTE services and manage the complex situations brought by the provision of multi band 4G LTE connections. Jinyatuo's solution helps sprint easily provide customers with the most advanced mobile technology, services and innovation, so that customers can enjoy the enjoyment of high technology to the peak of alternating load

mobile networks have developed to 4G for several years, especially in the United States, which accounts for more than 50% of the world LTE connection market. The services and wireless IP connections provided by sprint 4G LTE and sprint spark new generation LTE networks are everywhere. These services and connections provide the connection between more connected devices and the growing IOT. The AOTA based solution of jinyatuo is easy to operate and reduces the need for expensive installation. Sprint provides flexible solutions to meet the growing demand for high-speed connections in IOT applications

with the allynis AOTA SaaS platform of jinyatuo, sprint can provide rapid services for new devices and seamless technology update and software improvement services. Especially when sprint needs to manage the switching between 3G and 4G networks, and the High Tech Department of the Ministry of science and technology organized experts in Beijing to accept and optimize the theme project of "new special functional key materials" supported by the new material technology field of the 863 plan, and the border towns rely on the existing leading enterprises and leading products of the three bases to provide wireless services, this platform plays a very assisting role. Easy to use this feature allows sprint to focus on providing users with reliable digital services

at present, our wireless technology provides services to 240 operators around the world. With the increase of connection demand, sprint and many other companies can also choose to adopt our more advanced and robust advanced OTA platform, said Sebastien Cano, chairman of kinyato North America. For operators who are interested in developing to a new generation of networks or expanding 4G LTE services, jinyatuo's highly mature development blueprint for providing AOTA services around the world is their ideal choice

about jinyatuo

jinyatuo is a leading manufacturer in the field of global digital security, with an annual turnover of 2.5 billion euros in 2014 and blue chip customers in more than 180 countries. Kinyato helps people trust each other in an increasingly connected digital world. Everyone pursues a better lifestyle, a more intelligent living environment, and can communicate, shop, travel, handle banking, entertainment and work with others anytime and anywhere in a safe and pleasant way. In such a fast-paced mobile and digital environment, we help enterprises and government departments provide many reliable and convenient services by protecting financial transactions, mobile services, public and private clouds, e-health care systems, e-government service access, Internet and IOT, and transportation ticketing systems

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