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Britain: corn plastic bottles are making a revolution

the first batch of biodegradable beverage bottles that meet the requirements of green environmental protection were officially launched on the British market recently. This drink bottle is made of cereal starch. After use, it can be degraded into household fertilizer in a few months. British Beilu company, which launched this new packaging material, believes that this will trigger a revolution in the plastic container and packaging industry, and is another breakthrough in the application of environmental friendly materials. The British Independent even reported this "revolutionary" environmental protection event on its front page

the advantages are obvious and there are many troubles.

this degradable beverage bottle is made of plastic with corn starch as raw material. Compared with ordinary plastics buried in the soil for at least hundreds of thousands of years to decompose, it can be completely degraded in just 12 weeks under the action of commercial fertilizers. Even if household fertilizer is used, the degradation process that can be excreted through urine can be completed within 9 months to 1 year

British people throw away garbage equivalent to their weight every seven weeks. The wide application of new beverage bottles will also help to fundamentally curb the proliferation of plastic packaging bags, plastic buckets, plastic trays and plastic bottles in landfills across the UK

Beilu believes that the newly developed environmentally friendly plastic bottle can stimulate consumers' demand for biodegradable products. "Think about plastics made from grain. This green material has great potential for environmental protection." Beilu company official maisimonson said

however, it is difficult to popularize this biodegradable product in the UK. Because Britain does not have the commercial fertilizer required for the decomposition of such bottles, the raw materials must also be imported by sea from the United States. With the business scale of Beilu company, it is still difficult to carry out such a large-scale commercial operation for a long time

in addition, although the degradable beverage bottles launched by Beilu company are green and environmentally friendly, they are expensive, up to £ 0.45 per bottle - enough money to provide a person with pure drinking water for a whole month in India or Africa

many companies are competing to develop

nevertheless, page, the managing director of Beilu company, said, "we hope that the new material mineral water bottle we developed can open the market and win the favor of consumers, so as to encourage larger companies to introduce production."

in fact, with the exception of Beilu company, the expanding mountain of plastic packaging in the waste dump and the growing consumption curve are encouraging businesses to start to develop more environmentally friendly alternative packaging materials

Coca Cola is trying to reduce the weight of its plastic bottles and will study the "feasibility" of using biodegradable beverage bottles for product packaging. The Swiss food giant "Nestle" has also used the packaging made of corn starch in dairymilk and blackmagic chocolate products. They are biodegradable and soluble in the water that provides the overall solution. M & S sandwiches have been packed in plastic film made of corn starch

environmental protection is accused of "scratching the surface"

however, although this new type of packaging material has been welcomed by environmental organizations, it may not have enough influence to reverse the general trend that society has become addicted to plastic packaging

many environmentalists question whether people need to buy mineral water to drink. A recent study released by the Earth Policy Association of the United States pointed out that the environmental damage caused by the distillation, packaging and transportation of bottled water is 10000 times that of the same amount of ordinary tap water

they point out that the bottled water industry is actually selling people a product they don't need at all. "People should ask themselves whether you really" mazhanfeng, vice president of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, told the first finance and economics that they need these products and packaging. Why not drink water directly from the faucet? " Anna Watson of the environmental group Friends of the earth said

in the publicity, Beilu company played a public welfare card, saying that part of the company's profits would be used to support the charity of "water Aid Association" in developing countries. Members of the house of Commons Norman Baker, chairman of the nonpartisan environmental group, pointed out: "The action of donating water aid association is commendable, but accumulating funds by increasing the sales of bottled water is undoubtedly putting the cart before the horse. The production of bottled water has a great destructive effect on the environment. Recently, the most ideal drinking water is tap water. Biodegradable materials are indeed much better than non degradable materials, but simply changing packaging materials can not fundamentally change the fact that bottled water is not environmentally friendly. We need correct environmental protection behavior, that is, do our best to Select tap water. People should reduce waste as much as possible. "

source: Oriental Morning Post

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