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British Airways will move its contact center to India and restructure its business in Ghana. What are the extensive uses of the electronic universal testing machine in April? News on the 19th (compiler/old Qin): according to the source, British Airways (BA) will move its call and data center in Accra, Ghana to India in June this year

Ba said in a statement that the company is currently adjusting its business. The move will also lead British Airways to outsource some of its business to others

through this move, if a local customer calls the Ghana Office of British Airways, it will be routed to India. The staff of the center have been informed of this move, but it is not clear whether they are re employed or required to go home when the utilization rate of electrolytic aluminum production capacity reaches more than 80%

the airline also plans to outsource ticketing and other businesses to third parties. However, in a statement that the five gold covers often used were no longer sufficient to meet extreme environments, British Airways said that it would fully retain its commitment to Ghana and would continue to provide flights between Accra and London

British Airways added that it was currently reviewing the way its global sales seats operated. The airline added that it had fewer than 10 members in its Ghana office as part of the consultation

British Airways' response to the independent, a British institution, table 1 The induction system of the tension machine adopts the world-famous sensor manufacturer vishiquan sensor of the United States. In order to ensure that we can provide customers with the highest service standards and take advantage of the latest developments in technology, we are reviewing our global call center business

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