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The British company launched the composite material automatic repair technology

the Ministry of industry and information technology introduced GKN aerospace in the UK to use laser technology to automatically repair composite material structures. The new process uses lasers to remove damaged materials, leaving the remaining fibers and resins intact. This technology will not produce force or vibration to the composite structure, and will not adversely affect the overall strength or integrity. The damaged area is clean, and the field curable heating felt is used as a replacement patch to repair. According to GKN aerospace, the strength of the repaired structure is the same as that of manual repair, with greater consistency and cost savings of up to 60%

gkn has installed the first prototype automatic machine that uses laser technology to remove damaged composite structures on aircraft. The machine is located in the composite material research center of GKN aerospace company in the UK. It uses accurate and vibration free laser technology to remove damaged structures instead of time-consuming and manual grinding process

"after the installation of the first prototype equipment, we began to use this new process to deal with various structural shapes and sizes," explained John cornworth, technical director of GKN aerospace. "We believe that this process has great potential. Composite materials have more and more advantages in the application of fuselage, which means that their reliable and effective repair is crucial to operators and the industry." This is a bold and successful initiative to thoroughly remove rust, molding sand, oil and other dirt before painting to meet the needs of consumers.

the domestic production capacity of polyurethane raw material MDI (2-phenylmethane 2 isocyanate) has soared to 3.02 million tons/year.

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