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British company three side sealing bag making machine put on the market

not long ago, British B-L company successfully developed a three side sealing bag making machine, the model is ft, and has been put on the market. Through the newly designed multi-functional unit, the three side sealing bag making machine can be within the set size range. Zhaoming, deputy general manager of the company, told the reporter that the bag making production efficiency can reach 250 per minute, and the conversion time of bag making size with this set of functional unit can be greatly shortened. The transmission parts of the bag making machine, such as the mechanical shaft, transmission gear and rotary table, are all controlled by progressiveness cables through optical fibers, which are representative among similar domestic products. The conveyor equipped with flexible rubber grab will transfer the bag to the newly designed rotary table to make the bag rotate 90 degrees, so as to complete the whole process of three side sealing

as a result, new Dow does not need to bear the R & D expenditure of industrial trial production in close cooperation with Southwest Aluminum Corporation and Beijing Institute of aeronautical materials, which are subordinate to Aluminum Corporation of China

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