The hottest bridegroom is tied to a lamp pole, spl

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The bridegroom was tied to a lamp pole and splashed with spices. There was a civilized slogan on his head... Can't you get married

On the 23rd,

a bridegroom in Dezhou was tied to a street lamp pole with adhesive tape. Relatives and friends laughed and splashed various spices, beer, eggs and starch that had become the target of many scientific researchers on the bridegroom

friends can't stand it

don't take bad customs as customs

@ when I was a teenager: enough is enough, no vulgar, no bottom line, no moral integrity ~ ~ ~/p>

@ lemon girl's quirk: I went to school in Dezhou for four years, and I haven't seen such a thing. Ding Ding chaoleng, who is also from Shandong Province, is from Qingdao bank, Shandong Province. I attended so many weddings of relatives, friends and colleagues in urban and rural areas, and never encountered such a situation, Birds of a feather flock together...

@ little white dragon: what's the meaning of this

@ uncle ruffian: when will you stop fooling around and being vulgar

marriage is the happiest and most important event in life.

every couple hopes their wedding will be

festive, romantic, solemn and warm

but in recent years,

the increasingly vulgar phenomenon of marriage in many places has changed the original beautiful wedding

take a look at these wonderful marriages

1。 On the wedding day, the young man was tied to a tree with adhesive tape. Beer, soy sauce, vinegar, ribbons and eggs were bombed in turn, attracting many people to watch. This scene is just suffering

2。 Making bridesmaids is basically indistinguishable from oil-based plastic products in appearance p> the well-known Liuyan Bridesmaid incident involves duhaitao, wangzulan, Han Geng, Zeng Yijun and the bridegroom Bao Beier of the best man group of Bao Beier. Five people want to throw Liu Yan into the water, so they seize Liu Yan and carry her to the pool together. Fortunately, Jialing is resourceful to clear the encirclement

2。 In recent years, many bridal chamber tragedies have occurred, including fractures, sexual assault and even death. "Nao nuptial chamber" has its positive side in cultural tradition, but the pursuit of vulgar taste often makes the solemn wedding a kind of ugly performance

4。 Marriage between parents in law is a festive event. It is also to create a lively atmosphere, but there is also a way to get married by tossing parents too much

5。 Some places have a tradition of drinking wine to see off the relatives. To greet the relatives, it is necessary to intoxicate the "seeing off guests". Many "seeing off guests" are miserable. When Ms. Jiang got married, her brother was made to drink by all kinds of difficulties, most of which was 1 Accuracy grade: 0.5 He was admitted to the hospital after stomach bleeding

the wedding is the witness of love between two people,

not the vulgar Carnival of a group of people

civilized city, start from me,

refuse all the above bad habits

source: comprehensive people, the public, daily news, Sina Weibo

": Zhao Ming

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