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Bricom Intelligent Cloud customer service center officially launched

officially launched

01 introduction to bricom Intelligent Cloud customer service center

bricom Intelligent Cloud customer service center provides a convenient interactive cloud call management SaaS system with Genesys pureconnect as the underlying core support. Customers can quickly load cloud customer service center applications through Internet connection, and enjoy the new customer service experience brought by the all media intelligent cloud platform. As business requirements change, support customers can expand or reduce call management resources in real time. Bricom supports the lease mode of billing on demand, reducing the system construction threshold of customers. Using the bricom cloud customer service center can greatly reduce customers' software and hardware procurement costs and simplify customer service system development

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02 features of the bricom Intelligent Cloud customer service center


quick opening/Development:

can preset the basic functions required by the call center without deployment

better tariff:

the highly competitive tariff level in the same industry, without one-time high investment,

seats can be rented on demand, storage resources can be flexibly expanded, business peak hours can be easily handled, and reliable and flexible services can be obtained at low cost

one stop workbench:

it is perfectly integrated with the customer service platform and the work order system, without switching the platform.

the omni channel customer service is uniformly handled on the top soft bar

simple and easy to use:

carefully create a variety of work order/report functions, which are light but powerful, and

easily help the customer service team

stable call:

strong number resource support behind it

03 besmart, the intelligent agile development platform

has the most advanced agile development platform, which enables customers to quickly create work orders in a visual, low code, WYSIWYG way. At the same time, it uses the built-in powerful process engine for drag and drop process design to make up for the shortcomings of the standardized cloud platform and realize the effective unification of standardization and customization

04 data security + flexible deployment + open platform

the cloud call center provides a variety of interface functions and status callback, which are used to build an expandable, real-time customized call management system

multiple deployment methods:

public cloud, private cloud, privately deployed rubber static stiffness electronic universal testing machine function: and other deployment methods are available, flexible customization,

stable expansion, dynamic expansion, providing project exclusive services

multi tenant platform:

realize the data isolation of the underlying tenants, provide the background management system and interface, manage the multi tenants under the platform or enterprise, and uniformly configure and view the sub tenants

data security guarantee:

data storage and transmission comply with the high-end encryption standard (AES),

one click to realize multiple element verification, providing comprehensive and stable access control,

data is hosted in the ISO27001 data center

full plug-in open interface:

provide API interface, iframe plug-in, background plug-in and other forms of full open interface. Modules can be pluggable and freely combined, and support personalization

05 the future has come. The bricom cloud customer service center, which is integrated with Baidu artificial intelligence, supports robot multi Lun dialogue, understands text information, extracts key information for process judgment and recording, actively guides and distributes questions, and focuses on customer needs to solve customer problems

06 world class video customer service uses advanced real-time audio and video technology

to realize instant communication between customers and customer service personnel with one click

high-quality audio and video, echo cancellation, noise suppression

real-time video recording and storage, convenient retrieval and viewing at CRM end

supports video customer service requests from a variety of terminals, such as PC page, terminal H5 page Mobile app (Andro) and material suppliers provide new opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry ID, IOS and Android

support large-scale cluster deployment and multi terminal support, facilitate business integration, and provide high reliability, which also marks a new breakthrough in the utilization of our experimental machine industry in the aviation field. Reliability

adopts the latest webrtc video engine, without the need to install 5. Extension plug-ins of tensile experimental machines or third-party clients

provide JS SDK, Realize rapid integration of video capabilities into applications

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