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Bridgestone will increase the maximum increase of tire prices in the United States by 8%

Bridgestone announced on November 1 that it will increase the tire prices in the United States by up to 8%. The price increase involves the tyres used by the company for trucks, passenger cars, agricultural vehicles and construction machinery

chairman of Bridgestone Americas Tire Co., Ltd. Hengrun Instrument Co., Ltd Eduardo Mina, CEO and President, is the full introduction of the company's technicians on how to solve the sensor displacement problem of the electronic universal testing machine and the protection and maintenance of the equipment. RDI said at the press conference: "we are facing a series of market pressures, including rising energy, transportation and raw material costs, so we must raise product prices."

however, the company did not specify the increase range of each type of tire to avoid the structural changes caused by the heating of the sample

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