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Congratulations on the opening ceremony of the decoration company (I)

dear guests:


today is a memorable and festive day. We are here to celebrate the opening of Chongqing zhuozujia decoration company. On the occasion of the opening ceremony, please allow me to extend a warm welcome to all the guests and friends from all walks of life who came to our celebration in their busy schedule

Ningyang chuangzuojia Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the design and construction of home decoration and tooling. We have a first-class construction team and rich experience in decoration. With the business philosophy of quality, reputation and benefits, the company makes every effort to provide customers with perfect services. Customer satisfaction is the pursuit and yearning of chuangzuojia

the company adheres to “ Do things in a down-to-earth manner and be a man according to his own needs ” Spirit, “ Be meticulous and keep improving ” Attitude, “ Words must be done and deeds must be fruited ” Style, “ Pragmatic and realistic ” Our long-term development plan is professional, dedicated and dedicated, and we strive to become the first brand in Ningyang decoration industry

here, we sincerely hope that all guests and all sectors of society will continue to support and guide our work

we believe that with the help of friends from all walks of life and through our own efforts, the company will gradually grow and grow. We are full of pride, and we have a long way to go. Let's look forward to building a better tomorrow together

thank you

finally, I wish the opening ceremony great success

opening ceremony congratulation of decoration company (II)

* * * * decoration has built a good development platform for us based on rich decoration experience. We will make exquisite management, standardized operation, enthusiastic service and dedication to build * * * * overall home decoration into a first-class brand with taste, grade, influence and efficiency. Today's opening of the company is not only a milestone in the development of the enterprise, but also a new starting point for our business to take off. We will take this opportunity to ride the wind and waves, so that the enterprise can enter the fast lane of rapid development as soon as possible. We believe that with the full support of friends from all walks of life and the sincere cooperation of our customers, through our unremitting efforts, we will be able to achieve the grand goal of * * * * decoration to take off as soon as possible

finally, I wish all leaders, guests and friends good health, career success and all the best; At the same time, I wish * * * * decoration a good start, a prosperous business and a wide range of financial resources

thank you

congratulations on the opening ceremony of the decoration company (III)

Dear leaders, guests, friends, colleagues, dear ladies and gentlemen:

good morning

accumulated thick for a period of time and flourished. Today, we are full of joy to solemnly hold the opening ceremony of * * * * overall home decoration company! ( first of all, on behalf of all the staff, please allow me to extend a warm welcome to all the leaders and guests who attended and participated in today's opening ceremony, and express my heartfelt thanks to the relevant units and friends from all walks of life who supported the preparation of the company and cared about the development of the company

***** decoration, which is upgraded from Meijing Yiju decoration brand after three years of market experience, is a diversified comprehensive enterprise specializing in indoor and outdoor design, construction and materials approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, taxation and other departments. The company now has an excellent group with many years of work experience, joined by a number of indoor and outdoor design and construction professionals. Finally, I wish all the leaders and guests present good health and all the best

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