Mentougou ancient folk houses cannot be decorated

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In the future, residents living in Mentougou ancient village will not be able to modify their houses at will, but will have to apply to the cultural relics department for approval, carry out protective repairs as old as old, and receive 10% - 20% of the government's repair subsidies. The reporter learned from the "two sessions" being held in Mentougou District that the upcoming "measures for the protection of ancient villages in Mentougou District" has detailed provisions on the identification standards, construction and repair, supervision and management, legal responsibilities and other aspects of ancient villages

beside the ancient folk houses in dujiazhuang, Mentougou District, old farmers use ancient farm tools to work "flail". (data photo)

Mentougou District is the only pure mountain area in Beijing, with rich cultural resources of ancient villages, especially in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. These villages have formed a unique cultural group of ancient villages in West Beijing in terms of architectural art, folk customs and historical culture

according to qihonghao, a member of the Mentougou District CPPCC, in recent years, some problems have been gradually exposed in the protection and management of ancient villages. The upcoming "measures for the protection of ancient villages" will provide a legal basis for the protection of ancient villages

the ancient villages within the scope of protection were formed before 1911, with distinctive traditional styles and patterns. The traditional streets and lanes and ancient buildings on both sides are relatively intact, rich cultural relics and historic sites, and have unique local characteristics of national folk traditional culture. According to preliminary statistics, there are more than 50 such ancient villages in Mentougou District, accounting for about 70% of the existing ancient villages in the city. The representative ones are cuandia village in Zhaitang town, Lingshui village in Zhaitang town and liulichu village in Longquan town

in the future, Mentougou will establish a compensation mechanism for the repair of ancient villages. If the residents of ancient villages want to repair their houses, they need to apply to the cultural relics department for approval. The relevant government departments will subsidize the property owner by 10% - 20% of the total repair value and guide them to carry out protective repairs

according to the protection measures, the compilation of the protection plan of ancient villages should follow the principle of not changing the original state of cultural relics. No construction projects unrelated to protection should be carried out in the key protection areas of ancient villages, and buildings that are inconsistent with the original style and features should be gradually renovated or demolished. Blasting, drilling, excavation and other operations shall not be carried out around ancient villages, and an early warning system for ecological environment protection shall be established

in order to prevent overexploitation, the Protection Measures stipulate that the protection of ancient villages should be based on the value and integrity of their preservation, delimit key protection areas, construction control areas and environmental coordination areas, and carry out graded protection according to the scientific, artistic and historical value of traditional buildings to maintain the original living conditions. And it is clearly stated that if the ancient villages are used to shoot films, television or hold large-scale activities, the shooting unit or organizer should report to the district administrative department for examination and approval, and put forward the shooting plan or activity plan

in addition, the district government will arrange special funds in the annual financial budget to establish a special fund for the protection of ancient villages for special purposes





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