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[] finally bought a new house and decoration became a headache for the whole family, because no one in the family was proficient in home decoration. Friends call, now there is a special home decoration supervisor, who can be invited to supervise the project for the owner. Therefore, I held a family meeting. After repeated discussion, I finally reached an agreement: Please supervise. Decorating a new house is also a major event in life. Only when you live in peace can you work happily. Everyone is willing to spend more money as long as the project goes smoothly

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supervisors are not hard to find. Advertisements as big as business cards are found in all kinds of home magazines and newspapers. After comparison, I chose Zhang Gong, who claimed to be an independent supervisor. He introduced that he had been engaged in home decoration for more than 10 years. He resigned from a large home decoration company and opened a home decoration supervision studio because he couldn't bear to see the home decoration company taking all kinds of cheating and abduction actions against consumers. He stressed that the studio is not subordinate to any institution or enterprise, is completely independent, and is widely praised for his rich experience and impartial position

home decoration has begun. Zhang Gong seems to be very lively. In addition to reporting the progress of the project to me every day, he also gets on well with the decorators of the engineering team. Every time I go to the construction site to have a look, I can see him and the decorators smoking and drinking. I secretly felt that there seemed to be something wrong, and I tentatively put forward my views to Zhang Gong in private. Zhang Gong immediately told me the truth: I'm doing this in order to get familiar with the relationship. Decorators work harder and often reveal the inside story of the home decoration company to me. I was relieved to say so. Think about it, no matter when, always talk about some worldly sophistication

the whole home improvement project was successfully completed on schedule under the supervision of Zhang Gong. It seemed as if I had been a shopkeeper for a time. I felt that home improvement was not as painful as everyone said, and the process was quite easy. However, this relaxation soon turned into endless troubles. After I checked in, I found many problems in home decoration: there was a microwave oven above the faucet in the kitchen; Forgot to build a sink on the balcony; Tiles were laid outside the bathroom door &hellip& hellip; Such problems make life inconvenient and make people feel blocked

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negotiate with the home decoration company, and the home decoration company plausibly said to me: didn't you hire a supervisor to supervise the work on site all the time? The supervisor didn't point out on the spot, let alone put forward the requirement of rework. I turned to question Zhang Gong. He said with infinite sympathy: it's hard to see the decorators. I'm sorry to ask them to rework. After hearing this, I was almost angry: when did the supervisor I asked become an ally of the decorators




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