Celebrate the double festival with the arrival of

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The Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day are celebrated together, and the heroic strategy

the arrival of September

is not only accompanied by the fine weather in autumn

it also means that you will have the most holiday time in a year

the Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day are close at hand

the heroic opening of the festival Carnival in advance


the Mid Autumn Festival National Day double festival

the festival without any great benefit activities

is not a good teacher's Day

heroic double festival activities

start with teacher's Day

accompany you until the end of National Day

activity time

September 10 - October 7

activity address

JD Mall - Haomai wooden gate official flagship store

double festival is celebrated together, Great benefits are coming

this time, there are not only super discounts for the whole store

but also large direct discounts

place an order on the holiday day

get an additional holiday gift bag

double festival Carnival 20% off for the whole store

all wooden door products enjoy a 20% discount

(except special prices)

order more than 3 sets at one time

plus a hardware gift bag

(including value 218 yuan's high-end

non touch mute lock + supporting hinge)

popular popular models drop by 500

the original price of 1680 yuan/set

simple and versatile popular models drop by 500

during the event, only 1180 yuan/set

can take it home

purchase more than 3 sets during the event, and you can enjoy a straight reduction of 500 yuan/set, Add a hardware gift bag (including high-end magnetic silent lock worth 210 yuan + supporting hinge)

note: you can enjoy free measurement and installation if you order more than 3 sets at one time (limited to elevator rooms within 30 kilometers of the main city)

festival gifts for a limited time enjoy

Mid Autumn Festival on September 24 order

you can get a free value of 318 yuan/set of upgraded locks

National Day on October 1-3 order

give a free value of 318 yuan/set of upgraded locks

- Tips -

Haomai national day and Mid Autumn Festival benefits

only in Haomai Mumen Jingdong flagship store

more wonderful




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