What are the popular decoration styles in Wuhan

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Speaking of decoration styles, there are dozens of them. It takes more energy to figure them out one by one. The owner only needs to know several main things when decorating. Next, let's take a look at the popular decoration styles in Wuhan

European style

IV. European style

style characteristics: luxury, atmosphere

popularity index: ★★★

European style adopts a large number of white, milky white and all kinds of golden and silver organic combination, plus the unique column structure of European style, forming a unique luxurious and rich style. To a certain extent, the luxury of European style can be as luxurious as it needs to be. From small to kitchen and bathroom, to master bedroom, dining room, living room, etc., it can highlight the luxury and rich style

applicable object: it is suitable for decoration owners who pursue fashion, luxury and solemnity. Such styles prefer large bedroom, duplex, villa and other large apartment types





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