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It is not difficult for careful consumers to find that in the overall wardrobe enterprise, it is a common phenomenon that the wardrobe body and sliding door are priced separately. What's more, the price of several sliding doors is almost higher than that of the upper wardrobe body. Then, why is there such a difference between sliding door and cabinet

sliding door refers to the door whose leaf is connected to the pulley and can be moved on the fixed track, also known as sliding door. It is different from the side hung door connecting the door leaves with hinges. The sliding door has the characteristics of easy installation, reusable, industrialized production, small workshop production, fire prevention, environmental protection and so on

why is it important to move the door for the whole wardrobe? The cabinet body of the overall wardrobe will not move or change its position after installation, and daily use will not involve or affect the change of the cabinet body to a great extent, while the sliding door is very different. As an object that plays the role of "gatekeeper" in an enclosed space, its frequency of use can be imagined. It may be pushed and pulled more than ten times a day, so the quality of the sliding door is very important

generally speaking, the sliding door frame of the overall wardrobe is mostly made of aluminum titanium or aluminum magnesium alloy, which is durable and stable. In addition, the patterns of the so-called waist line position in the middle of the sliding door are also emerging in endlessly, including glass, carving, hollowing out, cloth art, rattan art and other styles, which can be selected by consumers. Therefore, the process technology of the sliding door is relatively complex, rich in technical content, and the high cost is reasonable

the above are some sliding door styles of Laoka wardrobe, which are diverse and colorful. Some are calm and magnificent, some are fashionable and simple, and some are antique. Choosing these sliding door closets will surely add a touch of noble color to your home




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