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The bathroom in the master bedroom doesn't have daylighting windows, or the space in the master bedroom doesn't look big. What should I do

what if the bathroom in the master bedroom doesn't have lighting windows, or the space in the master bedroom doesn't look big? Nowadays, more and more young people with avant-garde ideas hope to make the bedroom, living room and bathroom a glass partition, forming a large space situation. Through the design to make up for the visual defects, make it feel transparent visually, so someone began to knock down the door wall of the bathroom, install a large area of glass, glass bricks, or use mirrors to create a transparent bathroom space. What kind of glass material can make this effect

glass bathroom thin reveals that

the bathroom should not only be practical, but also fashionable, beautiful and comfortable. The transparent bathroom not only pays attention to the function of bathing, but also highlights the enjoyment and taste of life

this kind of design inspiration comes from the unique transparent and small floor space characteristics of glass, which can also solve the problem of narrow area and dim light in the original bathroom. The transparent bathroom is spacious and bright, and full of romantic colors. The design of this glass bathroom not only pays attention to the bathing function, but also highlights the enjoyment and taste of life

nowadays, there are more and more designs like this. Glass, as a fashion symbol, is adopted by many designers, especially the design of bathroom space, which is fashionable and popular. Some designers said that building a glass bathroom will be a fashionable design method for a long time in the future and will be widely used

nowadays, there are more and more designs like this, and some owners even set up glass bathrooms on the terrace. As a fashion symbol, glass is used by many designers, especially in the design of bathroom. This design method is not only fashionable, but also easy to clean, so it is very popular

glass basin mainly depends on the thickness

glass basin came to the fore in 2002. Its crystal clear feeling was once popular, but its single transparent color and style soon lost favor. With the follow-up of the manufacturer's R & D technology, when the glass basin was launched again, it was rich in color and varied in style, which once again attracted people's attention. Nowadays, the types of glass basins on the market are the same as those of ceramic basins, including three types: on stage basins, off stage basins and conjoined basins. There are two kinds of materials: reinforced glass and tempered glass, with a thickness ranging from 8 mm to 19 mm. According to the degree and thickness of glass tempering, the price is between 600 yuan and 5000 yuan. The glass basin is no longer the combination of a single transparent basin and a glass table top in the past. It can be a whole body of toughened glass. The glass basin and the table top are formed at one go, forming a whole body, completely without joints, and it is also very convenient to take care of. In addition, the combination of glass basins is more abundant, from mirrors to basins to countertops, as well as drawers and shelving, which can be a series of supporting products

according to professionals, the most important thing to choose a glass basin is its thickness. Of course, a thickness of 19mm is the best product. It can withstand high temperature, impact and damage. Professionals remind consumers that glass basins on the market are generally wall hung, and most drainage uses wall row type. There are certain requirements for the thickness of the wall, preferably more than 12 cm thick. Therefore, it is best to choose glass sanitary ware before the decoration and hydropower workers enter the site

in addition, most people think that the cleaning of the glass basin is very troublesome, and they are always worried about the residue of water stains. It is understood that with the improvement of glass technology, the surface finish of the glass basin is very high, and it is not easy to get dirty. On weekdays, the cleaning and maintenance of glass basins are basically the same as that of ordinary ceramic basins. Just pay attention not to use sharp tools to depict the surface and not to hit with heavy objects

the selection of glass partition decoration materials should be determined by the area

the bathing area, which has always emphasized privacy, has gradually reduced its own tightness. The use of large pieces of floor glass integrates the bathing area with the lavatory area, making the bathroom transparent to the end

the selection of this kind of glass partition depends on the size of the area: in the bathroom with a small area, the impact of human activities on the glass is unlikely to be great, so it is OK to use tempered glass as the partition; For the glass partition and partition wall in the bathroom with larger space, the laminated glass with the largest bearing capacity should be selected, and its impact resistance and sound insulation effect are better than that of tempered glass

when installing the glass shower screen, don't forget to install a stainless steel waterproof groove on the ground to prevent the overflow of water. If you want to make the waterproof effect of the glass screen better, you can inlay a waterproof adhesive strip made of high polymer material on the edge of the glass door. This adhesive strip is easy to clean, fits closely, and has a five-year warranty

glass furniture is of high quality and high price

glass furniture can best create a clean, elegant and refined atmosphere. Fashionable glass furniture does not need steel pipe support or screw fixation, but is integrated throughout, and transparent adhesives are used when necessary

at present, glass furniture used in toilets is not very common, only limited to some small lockers, which are made of tempered glass, and the price is more than 1000 yuan

in fact, high-quality crystal glass is the best product for making furniture. It is not only strong, but also has high refractive index. The finished product looks particularly ethereal and gorgeous. However, due to its high price, there are not many brands and quantities at this stage





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