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Ruijieluo has been honored as "extraordinary employer" for ten years. Recently, the 2017 extraordinary employer award ceremony hosted by the street was held. Ruijieluo won the title of extraordinary employer and was shortlisted as the 2017 Top100 extraordinary employer. Ruijieluo, Baidu, Mercedes Benz, IBM, Samsung and other well-known brands jointly won the award

this extraordinary employer selection evaluated the 1.6 million + enterprise employer brands registered on the street, and invited 50million users of the whole station to participate in scoring. For the first time, the 4C index of employers was used in this selection to comprehensively evaluate the recognition, salary and development, management and culture, work content and nature of the industry and enterprises, and the enterprises were evaluated by means of big data, voting, 100 person delegation and so on

in July this year, the Sixth China finance and economics summit ended, and Ruijie won the title of best employer for consecutive times. Ruijie has won many awards related to employer brand. A journey of a thousand miles is by no means a one-day effort. Ruijie can obtain the recognition of employees and the public. This is also an integral part of the future engine, which has its unique skills behind it

n reasons for winning extraordinary employers

at Ruijie's annual meeting, there is a fixed link ten-year contribution award. In recent years, there have been at least 100 people every year. Ruijie is only 18 years old this year

like many well-known enterprises, Ruijie believes that anything can be valuable, and first-class employees are priceless. How does Ruijie retain talents? Perhaps these old employees have the most say:

common vision

widely mobilize social forces and increase financial support for the new material industry

Lao Xu has worked for 14 years

every sharp person is lucky, because there is a great industry prospect here, let us lead the trend; Having a stable senior management team makes us work at ease; With such professional colleagues, let us make continuous progress. Here, forget the time, forget the age, face the sun, run

at the beginning of its establishment, ruijieluo established its great ambition, which is to create a world-class national brand. On the road of independent innovation, Ruijie has been making products and solutions with sincerity, striving for perfection and consistency. In the past 17 years, we have gained a beautiful growth curve and the trust and dependence of users in the industry. Today, Ruijie has achieved an average compound growth rate of more than 30% for 16 consecutive years. There are 4 branches, 5 R & D centers and more than 4000 partners in the world that we will do better and better

pay attention to the development of every employee

Dafu 17 years of service

come to Ruijie for 17 years, and have successively experienced post-sales, pre-sales, technical consulting, solution development, industry marketing and other positions. In one new field after another, the company has provided me with rapid learning and rapid growth. The luckiest thing is that I chose you and walked with me through the most beautiful time

in order to enable employees to grow faster after joining the company, Ruijie adheres to the talent foundation strategy, constantly clarifies the career development channel, and constantly constructs a more complete vocational training system. Ruijie never restricts the development of any employee and respects the free choice of each employee. In addition, the tutorial system, perfect training system, 878 excellent e-courses and reading culture help each employee improve rapidly

high integrity and responsible corporate culture

Zhou Lian has worked for 10 years

as an employee, as long as I work hard, I can get a big enough stage, and I can express my views on the company and leaders without fear; As a volunteer of Ruijie public welfare fund, I am really happy in this world because we are a little better

in Ruijie popular culture, whether it's 50 year old seniors or 25-year-old fresh meat, we call each other by name. At the same time, there are also dialogue Middle East, dialogue Hongtao. This standard stipulates the general safety requirements for food contact materials and products. I have suggestions. Such a platform can give the most serious answers and the most just solutions to any problem. Ruijie public welfare fund, initially established for employee assistance, has already entered the society. Various forms of public welfare projects such as baby home, public welfare education and disaster relief are continuously delivering Ruijie's positive public welfare energy

build a happy career home for professionals

12 years of service in Xiaoxi

12 years ago, I was 20 years old and just walked out of campus. Join Ruijie, confused but also without hesitation. Over the years, countless people have wondered if you are still sharp, Yes, I'm still sharp! Why? Because this is not only a job, but also a dependence and attachment to home

Ruijie provides employees with a variety of company benefits, including 6 categories and 41 kinds, so that everyone can work and live happily. At the same time, the company also has nearly 20 associations such as football, long-distance running, badminton, yoga, and other facilities. Cafes, gyms and other facilities are gradually put into operation. In the future, Ruijie will spare no effort to build a happy career home for everyone

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