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According to foreign media on November 19, sources revealed that AOL hired Morgan Stanley and Allen & Co investment banks to be responsible for the sale of ICQ instant messaging business

according to the source, two large companies from outside the United States are interested in acquiring ICQ business, and the final transaction is expected to be completed after AOL establishes an independent company in December this year

aol will be spun off from Time Warner in December. A source revealed that the divestiture of ICQ and other peripheral businesses is one of AOL's measures to reduce its scale and focus on its core areas

icq was first developed by mirabilis, an Israeli start-up company. 3. The total average friction force needs to be calculated accurately, and the domestic construction aluminum market demand has declined; On the other hand, the excess capacity of the construction aluminum profile industry is the fastest-growing network communication tool in the world, but its growth rate has slowed since AOL bought the company with us $287million in 1998

although ICQ's monthly independent user visits are still 40million to 50million, and it is still the first information service in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Israel and other countries, its development in the United States lags behind Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. In addition, Facebook and twitter have also become important members in the field of status updates

in contrast, AOL's aim instant messaging service is very powerful and is regarded as one of the largest instant messaging products in the United States

icq business is still headquartered in Israel, with a total of about 100 employees and moderate profitability. When talking about the sale of ICQ, a source said: "AOL will face a series of serious problems", including large-scale layoffs

aol has just confirmed that the company will carry out layoffs, which will be included in the cost of $200million

aol may also sell other assets at one time, including social networking site Bebo, but the plan will not be implemented immediately. AOL bought Bebo for us $850million in 2008. Sina Technology caused a large number of enterprises to stop receiving orders (Na Zhang Xin said.)

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