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Runyang packaging paper project settled in Anhui

recently, it was reported from Sucheng District, Anhui province that the Runyang packaging paper project introduced by the agriculture and Forestry Bureau of Sucheng district was officially signed and settled in this district. The total investment of the project is 500 million yuan, covering an area of 220 mu. It is invested and built by Ms. xionghuiying, chairman of Zhejiang Yuyao shunshen color printing and packaging company, which can also be equipped with ordinary computers. It was started on August 20 and completed and put into operation in March 2008. After the completion of the project, it will become the largest color printing and packaging enterprise in Northern Jiangsu and even the whole province

in September 2006, the agriculture and Forestry Bureau of Sucheng district signed an investment intention agreement with Ms. Xiong Huiying on the Runyang packaging paper project. Since 2007, the Bureau has made every effort to promote the transformation of Runyang packaging paper project, which promoted the signing and settlement of the project on August 9

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