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Ruijie 802.11ax products have been grandly released RG

recently, there have been heavy news in the field of wireless technology innovation. On October 29, at the 2017 smart network construction and application innovation symposium, when smart meets minimalism, ruijieluo released its new product rg-ap860-i based on 802.11ax platform. The product adopts a higher-order 1024qam modulation and coding scheme and uplink and downlink OFDMA technology. Through higher transmission rate, stronger concurrency ability and more efficient resource scheduling ability, it shows the shocking power of a single AP carrying 10Gbps network access rate. The most critical point is that Ruijie rg-ap860-i has fully supported the enterprise application of 802.11ax, which has opened the way for the large-scale commercial application of the seventh generation wireless technology

nowadays, it has changed from a simple contact tool in the traditional sense to an intelligent terminal integrating communication, work, entertainment, consumption, positioning and navigation. The core reason for the development of this situation is the continuous development of wireless networks. At the same time, the windows opened by wireless networks have made big data and IOT applications so popular that we have truly entered the intelligent era of interconnection of everything

Mao Likang, director of solutions of ruijieluo wireless products division

802.11ax will bring more black technology to the Internet of things. In the product release, Mao Likang, the solution director of ruijieluo wireless products division, said: from the birth of 802.11 technology in 1997 to today's Internet of things, 802.11ax, which has been accumulated for 20 years, not only has amazing performance, but also has a broader application space. It will shape a Wi Fi application field that has never been seen before. From the technical point of view, 802.11ax proposes a new dcca/dtpc spatial multiplexing technology, which can quickly identify air interface conflicts and backoff. At the same time, through dynamic idle channel evaluation and dynamic power control, the average throughput in the multi-ap multi-user environment is 30% - 100% higher than that of 802.11ac standard. Secondly, in addition to inheriting MU-MIMO technology, another important innovation of 802.11ax is the introduction of OFDMA. In typical multi-user concurrent scenarios, the overall performance can be improved by up to three times

however, from cool black technology to people on the streets, it is not easy for 802.11ax to be truly commercial. In this regard, Mao Likang believes that 802.11ax will bring unprecedented wireless experience to high-density scenes such as stations, airports, parks, stadiums, mass conferences, etc., but if there is no matching terminal, it can only be regarded as a beautiful technical indicator, and the 802.11ax solution launched by Ruijie solves the problem of uneven development at both ends. From the release of the industry's first flagship rg-ap740-i of 802.11ac WAVE2 with three RF, which has benefited the terminals from 802.11n to 802.11ac WAVE2 as a whole, to today's launch of rg-ap860-i, which supports 802.11ax standard and can be commercialized on a large scale, all products of Ruijie have always focused on the core word of scene innovation, and have been innovating consistently and continuously

(Figure: rg-ap860-i)

as Ruijie's new flagship 802.11ax platform product, the wired speed and wireless speed of rg-ap860-i have reached 10g, and its performance index has reached the highest specification in the industry. In order to promote the commercialized application independent of the terminal, Ruijie has already adopted the pre ax technology in the mainstream products of the whole line, imported the most prominent anti-interference characteristics in 802.11ax, comprehensively reduced the mutual interference between APs through integrated collaborative scheduling, and achieved successful application in a large number of high-density deployment scenarios. In addition to re optimizing, upgrading and commercializing the mature pre ax technology, the rg-ap860-i released this time also adopts a three-way RF circuit design, which greatly improves the upload performance in the multi-user scenario through the optimization technology in the ul-ofdma small message scenario, and gives play to the flexibility of SDI software to define IOT through the built-in full standard IOT transmitting unit, It can be adjusted to an application platform suitable for all kinds of things, and many home appliance manufacturers have launched lightweight product alliance scenarios

in the interconnected world, Wi Fi is the key to the ecosystem and the foundation of innovative applications. Ruijie is committed to the Wi Fi experience caused by the ongoing game, has created a wis wireless intelligent service platform, and continues to improve in the process of serving users in the whole industry and scene. It has not only been fully verified in super large-scale exhibitions such as Alibaba cloud habitat conference, Tencent Partner Conference, GITC global Internet Conference, summer of Suning, but also provided strong support for innovative business for smart campuses of major universities in China through the application of big data platform. Ruijie wis 3.0 will deeply integrate AI technology, fully understand every potential risk, dynamically adjust Wi Fi parameters, and ensure that every access device has a high-quality Wi Fi network. At the same time, when displaying the experimental force time curve, experimental force, peak value and yield force with obvious yield characteristics, Ruijie will also increase the innovation of IOT application, integrate people, things and, give full play to the respective advantages of wide area IOT and near-field IOT, and help colleges and universities realize the docking of various business systems, and finally form a flexible, scalable and sustainable IOT architecture

along the way of scene innovation, Ruijie has gradually grown into a leader in the field of WLAN, and has successively developed innovative technology products such as x-sense smart antenna, smart point +, zero roaming, Wis, etc., pushing the user experience to the extreme. In the future, if the sealing gasket breaks, Ruijie wireless will continue to focus on customers, adhere to go deep into every real and small business scenario, and continue to provide users with the best product solutions

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