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Ruifeng polymer high-performance PVC additives welcome the good

recently, Shandong Ruifeng polymer materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ruifeng polymer" or "the company") has passed the examination of the CSRC for its initial public offering application, and is about to enter the issuance track. According to the prospectus, Ruifeng polymer plans to issue 13.5 million a shares, accounting for 25% of the total share capital. After the issuance, the total share capital will reach 53.5 million shares. After the completion of this issuance, it will log on the gem

the raised funds are mainly used for the 20000 t/a MBS energy-saving expansion and transformation project, the 15000 T/a ACR energy-saving expansion and transformation project, the technical transformation and expansion project of Shandong PV C auxiliary engineering technology research center, and other operating projects related to the main business

at present, the company's comprehensive production capacity has reached 50000 tons. After the completion of the company's fund-raising investment project, the production capacity will reach 85000 tons, which will be more conducive to giving play to the scale advantage and market competitiveness of the product and lay a solid foundation for the company's long-term development in the future

up to now, the company is one of the enterprises with the highest comprehensive production capacity in the field of processing aids and impact modifiers except CPE, reaching 50000 tons (34000 tons of processing aids and ACR impact modifiers, and 16000 tons of MBS impact modifiers are in short supply). The market share of the company ranks first in China

green high-performance materials in the auxiliary industry play an important role in improving the rheological properties, impact resistance, weather resistance and appearance performance of PV C products, and the 3D printing industry is no exception and irreplaceable, The field of "new materials" has been listed in the "high and new technology fields supported by the state" and the "guide to key areas of current priority development of high-tech industrialization (2007)"

plastic additives have been encouraged by national policies. In recent years, plastic additives manufacturers have gradually increased the research, development and production of green plastic additives, actively developing new products, innovating processes, and improving product quality. ACR, MBS and other plastic additives that meet the requirements of environmental protection and health will be the focus of the future development of the industry

from the perspective of market demand, in the international market, the company's foreign trade exports have gradually increased, and its products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions, such as Russia, South Korea, India, Turkey, Brazil, etc. In the domestic market, the demand for PV C products has increased steadily year by year. The company has established long-term cooperative relations with many PV C product manufacturers, and the market share of products has increased year by year

at present, China's processing aids and impact modifiers are still in the development stage. The development of high-performance additives such as ACR and MBS is of great significance for adjusting the product structure of the industry and improving the overall technical level of the industry

high market share and leading position in the industry

the company has been focusing on the field of PV C additives for a long time, and is one of the leading enterprises in the subdivided industry of PV C additives. At present, in the field of PV C processing aids and impact modifiers other than CPE, the company is one of the enterprises with the largest comprehensive production capacity in China, which has reached 50000 tons (34000 tons of processing aids and ACR impact modifiers, 16000 tons of MBS impact modifiers), and can provide a full range of processing aids and impact modifiers

among them, in terms of processing aids, the company has developed into one of the enterprises with the largest installation capacity in the domestic processing aids industry, and its production technology has reached the international advanced level, with a domestic market share of more than 20%

In terms of ACR impact modifier, the company is one of the earliest enterprises in China to develop ACR impact modifier. In 2001, the company's annual output of 5000 tons of acrylate impact modifier project was listed in the national "Torch" plan. At present, this product has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products, and the domestic market share has reached 40%

m BS impact modifier, the company is one of the first enterprises in China to achieve 10000 ton device and continuous industrial production. Its production technology is leading in China, and its domestic market share reaches 10%, ranking in the forefront of the domestic industry

many technical levels are leading in the industry

the company's products are widely used in the fields of PV C chemical building materials, packaging materials, automobiles and other means of transportation and daily necessities. It provides the sales of PV C additives, personalized pre-sales material preparation scheme services and after-sales technical services for many PV C product enterprises in relevant industries in China. It is one of the largest suppliers of PV C processing additives and impact modifiers except CPE in China

in the industry, the company has many years of professional experience and 16 years of deep industry accumulation in the field of PV C additives. In 1997, the company took the lead in synthesizing SA n resin in China and applied it alone in the processing of PV C products. Due to the high price of such products and the continuous support ratio of the state in policies, the market competitiveness of the PV C products industry has been greatly improved

at present, the polymerizer of No.7 system used in ACR production of the company is 12.5 cubic meters, which is the leading in the same industry in China. The reaction control adopts Siemens automatic control system, which has stable reaction, convenient operation and more stable quality; The spray drying tower of the company is 30 meters high and 7 meters in diameter. It is a leader in the same industry in Asia, with a daily output of more than 50 tons and an annual production capacity of more than 15000 tons

due to the poor aging resistance of MBS, the safety of the product during drying is particularly important. The company takes the lead in adopting the vacuum drying method. Without increasing the drying temperature, the vacuum equipment enables the materials to realize water evaporation in the vacuum environment, so that the safety can be guaranteed

in addition, the company adopts the multi kettle series flocculation method, and the materials are subject to continuous industrial production through flocculant addition, temperature rise, constant temperature, temperature drop, centrifugation, drying and packaging, so as to ensure more stable product quality; The production capacity of a single set of MBS production equipment is 10000 tons

experts predict that in the next three years, based on the further increase in the demand for PV C products and the further realization of the replacement of backward products by the company's products as high-performance PV C additives, as the PV C additives industry informs Li Tianhua, the relevant person in charge of the company, of the transfer of Yangcheng Paiguo and the continuous technological progress of the company, the company's domestic sales and export revenue will gradually expand. The company's management is confident that through the successful development and sales of new products in the future The further expansion of the future market will bring new profit growth points to the company

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