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FeiJin player won the second place of the 2019 Red Bull aerobatics World Championship

FeiJin player won the second place of the 2019 Red Bull aerobatics World Championship

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from September 7 to September 8, the fourth stop of the 2019 Red Bull aerobatics World Championship came to a successful conclusion in muzhang Seashore Park, Meibin District, Chiba City, Japan. Yoshiyuki muroya, a master pilot representing Falken, won the championship with his excellent performance. So far, the 2019 Red Bull aerobatics world championship has all ended. Yoshiyuki muroya won the championship in the first stop in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, the second stop in Kazan, Russia, and the fourth stop in Chiba, Japan, and finally won the 2019 Red Bull aerobatics world championship with a total score of 80 points, with as few changes as possible in Asia

after the game, Yoshiyuki muroya said in an interview: "Today, before crossing the finish line, I saw the fans for the first time and felt the power of support from them. That's why I want to finish the race as quickly as possible. I played my best and won the race. This is the third time I won the championship in my hometown. I'm very satisfied with this result. At the same time, I'm also honored to win the annual Asian Championship of the 2019 Red Bull aerobatic world championship Jun, Matt is one point ahead of me in the annual total points and won the championship. Matt and I have been competitors for many years. I am happy for his achievements. "

as the official partner of the Red Bull aerobatics world championship, FeiJin tire not only sponsors and supports the competition as the host, but also sets up a booth at the venue to display the high-performance product lineup of FeiJin tire and the display car equipped with new high-performance tires, as well as the aircraft model driven by the only master pilot in Asia, Yoshiyuki muroya, during the competition. The booth is also equipped with a message board, Fans can send their blessings and support to the contestants of Yoshiyuki muroya here

the Red Bull aerobatics world championship is known as the "world's fastest power event", which brings together the world's top extreme pilots. The intensity of the competition is self-evident. It is with full and vigorous energy, indomitable hard work, perseverance and perseverance to achieve the goal that Yoshiyuki muroya won the runner up of the year in the fierce competition surrounded by strong enemies, which perfectly explains the great value contained in the core driving force of FeiJin tires. This is not only the victory of Yoshiyuki muroya, but also the victory of FeiJin tire

the race gene contained in the brand prompted FeiJin tire to form an indissoluble bond with Yoshiyuki muroya in 2015, and then meet the challenge of the sky arena with Yoshiyuki muroya. However, the competition in 2017 was particularly eye-catching. Yoshiyuki muroya showed you the superb skills of master pilots, winning the crown at the second stop in San Diego, California, the third stop in Chiba, Japan, the seventh stop in Lusatia, Germany, and the eighth stop in Indianapolis, the United States, and finally winning the annual championship of the 2017 Red Bull aerobatic world championship. Yoshiyuki muroya's spirit of constantly striving to wrap the protective plate of the frame for his dream coincides with the insistence of FeiJin tire to explore and move forward in the field of high-performance tires

FeiJin tire was founded in 1983 and belongs to Sumitomo Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. it always adheres to the brand positioning of "flagship high-performance radial tire". Since its inception, FeiJin tire has continuously participated in various international events. In addition to participating in the Red Bull aerobatics world championship, FeiJin tire can be seen in top events such as the Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race, VLN Endurance Championship, formula D drift race, D1 GP drift Grand Prix China Cup. FeiJin tire has applied the technology and experience accumulated in professional events to the research and development of tire products, and is constantly expanding the sales lineup of domestic products to meet more needs of consumers

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