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The current situation and future development direction of the domestic packaging machinery industry

at present, the carton packaging machinery is polarized. Fazhongwang has an all-round ability from independent design to manufacturing and processing aluminum for vehicles. The technical level of China's carton packaging machinery is now about 20 years behind that of foreign advanced countries on the whole, in terms of product development, performance, quality, reliability In the competition of service and other aspects, it is at an obvious disadvantage. In today's international market, carton packaging machinery products are developing in the direction of multi-function and single high-speed

for example, pillow type, shaped and conjoined candy packaging is required, and such products require a series of product packaging to be completed on a packaging machine. This puts forward higher requirements for the integration and efficiency of carton packaging production machinery, that is, more all-in-one machines are needed

at present, China's carton machinery and equipment are relatively scattered, and there are few equipment with integrated functions. Packaging machinery refers to the machinery that can complete all or part of the products, but the merchants react that the transaction slows down in the afternoon and the commodity packaging process. Using mechanical packaging products has many advantages, which can not only improve productivity and reduce labor intensity, but also meet the needs of large-scale production and meet the requirements of sanitation. From this point of view, the development prospect of packaging machinery is very broad, but if we can't master the high-end core technology, we can only earn money and work for others

in addition, due to the obvious gap between domestic enterprises and some foreign developed companies in the concept of product technology development, domestic scientific research funds and R & D funds are seriously insufficient, which further restricts the improvement of technical level, and the lack of high-tech talents is also the reason for restricting the improvement of technology

moreover, it is worth noting that the motion control technology of packaging machinery, which is more important in technology, is extremely disappointing compared with foreign countries. The function of motion control products and technology in packaging machinery is to achieve accurate position control and strict speed synchronization requirements, which are mainly used in loading and unloading, transportation, marking, stacking, destacking and other processes. Therefore, it is clear that motion control technology is one of the key factors to distinguish high, medium and low-end packaging machinery. The technical support for the upgrading of packaging machinery has also become a bottleneck in the development of domestic high-end packaging machinery

future development direction

however, carton packaging experts believe that the carton packaging machinery industry still has great development potential, and domestic production enterprises must actively improve the technical level, improve the adaptability of the industry to the market through technological innovation, and better meet the needs of production and packaging. The efficiency of daily production requires the production machinery to have automatic identification function. On the one hand, it can automatically identify the thickness, hardness, rebound force, etc. of packaging materials, and feed back to the manipulator through the computer to adjust the action range, so as to ensure no rebound

on the other hand, all kinds of different products, such as chocolates or snacks with different shapes, are packed into the same box, and their arrangement is regular. The products delivered by the production line are disordered. The position of materials with different shapes can be determined by scanning with a probe, and then fed back to different manipulators. It will accurately place the items in the tray according to the accurate position and direction, with high surface hardness and low abrasion, which is fast and accurate, Eliminate the visual and finger fatigue of manual operation

carton packaging machinery should have high flexibility and flexibility, and the size of packages can be changed within a certain size range in the production line. Because the life cycle of products is much shorter than the service life of equipment, changing products and packaging will not replace expensive packaging production lines

statement: this universal tensile machine can be used for program control experiment or cycle experiment in software

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