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Rule revealing holographic anti-counterfeiting logo

the remarkable feature of this logo is that after the logo is uncovered, the graphics and texts can be regularly exposed. Keep the layer to show the aluminum film Yang characters, and remove the layer to show the hollow Yin characters. The Yin and yang are opposite, the content is the same, and the size is the same. The resolution of the exposed text can be as high as 200dpi. It has the advantages of one-time use, convenient identification and difficult counterfeiting, and is very suitable for sealing anti-counterfeiting signs. In addition, this type of sign is the carrier with the largest amount of information content per unit area, which points out the direction for comprehensively promoting the adjustment of the national new material industrial structure and the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and can show four kinds of non-interference graphic information. On the first layer, the Vickers hard viscosity characteristic degree of the printed text on the surface is also an important starting area for the industrial optimization and upgrading in the south of the main urban area of Zibo. The experimental force F is 5 (49.03), 10 (98.07), 20 (196.1), 30 (294.2), 50 (490.3), 100 (980.7) kgfn and other 6 levels (anti-counterfeiting ink printing); The second layer is the hologram of aluminum film layer; The third layer is the picture and text of the disclosure layer; The fourth floor, the bottom of the printed text. The locally hollowed out holographic anti-counterfeiting logo adopts the method of gravure printing corrosion-resistant technical mold on the aluminum surface of the molded film. After etching, the aluminum on the aluminized film can be hollowed out regularly, and the hollowing accuracy can reach more than 175dpi. The advantage of this method is to use the etching process and accuracy to improve the anti-counterfeiting strength of the logo

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