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Rugao: yongdang development pacesetter writes equipment manufacturing Xinhua chapter

Rugao: yongdang development platoon reduces the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal. Leader writes equipment manufacturing Xinhua chapter

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Guide: in 2012, in the face of extremely complex domestic and international situations, the Yangtze River town of Rugao City (Rugao port area) took scientific development as the leadership, concentrated its efforts, overcome difficulties, and maintained and expanded the good momentum of economic and social development. The main economic indicators should make progress while maintaining stability and achieve the unity of speed, quality and efficiency. Realize regional

in 2012, facing the extremely complex domestic and international situation, the Yangtze River town (Rugao port area) of Rugao City, under the leadership of scientific development, concentrated its efforts, overcome difficulties, and maintained and expanded the good momentum of economic and social development. The main economic indicators should make progress while maintaining stability and achieve the unity of speed, quality and efficiency. In the whole year, the gross regional product was 16.8 billion yuan, and the full caliber fiscal revenue was 1.785 billion yuan, including 1.31 billion yuan of public budget revenue

At the beginning of the new year, Jiang Yonghua, the Secretary of Rugao municipal Party committee, hoped that as the main battlefield of development along the river, the pilot town of "strengthening towns and expanding power" in the province, and the important economic growth pole of the city, Changjiang town should seriously study and implement the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress, seize the opportunity, seize the momentum, further deepen reform and opening up, and further promote scientific development, leapfrog development and harmonious development, Further highlight the six key points of "strengthening the district with industry, attracting investment, project construction, environment building, improving people's livelihood and maintaining stability", and accelerate the construction of a more beautiful, harmonious and happy Binjiang New City

"Changjiang town should be the leader in scientific development and write a new chapter in the development along the river. It must earnestly enhance the belief that opportunities outweigh challenges and confidence surpasses gold. It must have a development pressure of not advancing or retreating, and slow progress is also retreating. It must have a heroic ambition to compete for excellence and strive for strength, and a" climb high and reach far, climb the river and cross the sea " To carry out all kinds of work creatively and make more contributions to the city's courage to become the pioneer of Jiangsu's basic modernization. " Wuzhihua, Secretary of the Party committee of Changjiang town and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Rugao port area, spoke forcefully

the opening-up of the charming port area leads to the interpretation of the new legend of tengjiang River

10 years ago, the provincial riverside development conference was held, announcing that Jiangsu riverside development strategy was vigorously promoted from a high starting point, thus breaking the problem of a new round of riverside development. Changjiang Town, a small town that once lived by the river, took advantage of the tide of development along the river to build a big port, promote industry and build a new city. Nowadays, this hot land with spring tides is attracting more and more attention from Chinese and foreign businessmen

"take the strength of the whole city, gather the wisdom of the four sides, and seize the day and accelerate the promotion with innovative strategies and extraordinary actions." Become the "assembly number" of Rugao focus port area; "Everything for the riverside, all services for the riverside, and making the riverside growth pole bigger and stronger" has become the strongest voice for Rugao to accelerate its development; "Strength along the river, green along the river, ecological along the river, harmonious along the river" has become the main theme of Rugao's scientific development along the river

these 10 years have been the most intensive 10 years for the implementation of key projects in Rugao port area. The new highways extending in all directions, the new wharves scattered everywhere, the three-dimensional transportation pattern of river sea river combined transportation and the integration of water, land and air, especially the comprehensive construction of Shanghai connect high-speed railway, have highlighted the advantages of Rugao port as a "river sea hub" connecting the South and North banks of the Yangtze River, the midstream and downstream, and the central and Northern Jiangsu. The national first-class open port, the national main channel of the Yangtze River, and the provincial port logistics base have laid a solid foundation for the lack of a strong national research support system. The "fuel consumption of Rugao port area has decreased by 7%; the overall body weight has been reduced by 40% to 60% and a modern port logistics base with a throughput of 100 million tons, a million TEUs, and an added value of 20 billion yuan in the logistics industry has been built by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan

these 10 years are the most remarkable 10 years for the reform and opening up of Rugao port area. Various factors of production converge into a river of spring water, flowing into the "depression" of the port area, stirring up a majestic "strong sound of the Yangtze River". Led by Rongsheng heavy industry, a large number of high-tech, flagship and base enterprises such as Rongsheng offshore engineering, morisong heavy industry, zhongtieshanqiao, Jiangnan Heavy Industry and Deyuan high tech have taken root and blossomed, and the industrial cluster effect has been dramatically amplified

these 10 years have witnessed the fastest economic growth in Rugao port area. It has become an indisputable fact that the beautiful vision of "one-year great change, three-year sudden change, five-year great change, and eight-year reconstruction of Rugao's economic aggregate", which seemed impossible to realize at that time. On less than 1/12 of the city's land, it has created 1/4 of the city's fiscal revenue, 1/3 of the scale industrial output value, 1/3 of the scale project investment, and 3/5 of the total amount of foreign capital utilization, and many economic indicators have achieved amazing leaps

at present, Rugao port area is booming everywhere. The Japanese optoelectronic technology manufacturing project with an investment of 20million US dollars and the changtianhua project with an investment of 6billion yuan began to show its promise; Dongsheng (Nantong) International Stone Industry Park, with an investment of 12.5 billion yuan, will be built into the largest stone industry base in China...

from the "nerve endings" to the "river and sea hub", from the rarely visited river beach to the focus of world attention, Rugao port area has undergone earth shaking changes. If the development of Rugao in the past 10 years is compared to a symphony, then the world-renowned rise of Rugao port area is undoubtedly the most soul stirring movement of xionghuaibei City, focusing on the goal of building 100 billion ceramic aluminum peak

transform and upgrade innovative towns and create new platforms for crossing the sea

affected by the international financial crisis, many shipbuilding enterprises have been in a storm in the past year, and some of them have even stopped production, auctioned, and closed down. But just entering the new year, Rongsheng heavy industry has received many good news: on January 3, it successfully delivered the eighth 380000 ton super large ore carrier; On January 13, the ship "val Shinas" built for Oman shipping company was launched and set sail; Recently, the offshore engineering of the 2000 meter deepwater drilling barge is in full swing... Rongsheng heavy industry has become a bright "spring" in the "winter" of the shipbuilding industry with its excellent performance under the continuous downturn of the ship market

since the establishment of the plant in 2005, Rongsheng heavy industry has successfully completed the "pole vault" of independent design from scratch and building products from the beginning to the leading. In just a few years, it has leapt to become a domestic first-class private shipbuilding enterprise, and has established an international brand of "Rongsheng heavy industry" at home and abroad. How can we persevere to maintain industry leadership? Chen Qiang, President of Rongsheng group, said that the key is to rely on scientific and technological innovation, master core technologies through unremitting research, and seize the commanding height. This year, with the green shipbuilding business as the core, it will march into the high-end manufacturing field of marine engineering, and further expand its market share in European and American marine equipment manufacturing powers

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