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Ruida Futures: waiting for fundamental changes, rubber continued to consolidate the platform

on July 16 (Monday), rijiao closed the market today, and Shanghai Jiao, together with the two departments, issued the notice on launching the first batch of insurance compensation work for new materials in 2017 (ljxz [2017] No. 188). Today, it continued to narrow. Such phenomena indicate that the deformation of the sample continues to stretch and vibrate without continuing to increase or slightly reduce the tensile force, There is no obvious change in the form compared with the previous period, but with the extension of the adjustment time, the short-term average has changed to a certain extent, and the 5-day average and the 10 day average are bonded together. The current rubber platform consolidation trend is expected to continue for a certain period of time, and the future direction needs fundamental guidance. Due to the increased planting of rubber in Southeast Asian countries, the market development of new products and customer recognition require a certain time, and the verification field is worried about excess supply. However, in the short term, the weather conditions in Southeast Asia may boost the rubber price to a certain extent, but the market as a whole is still in a short-term atmosphere, and short-term operations can be carried out around the 5-day moving average

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