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Run up future Doosan (Shandong) received a merit banner from the middle school

run up future Doosan (Shandong) received a merit banner from the middle school

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on the morning of July 13, the headmaster of Muping No. 1 middle school handed over a banner with the words "love for education, love, donation to help learn, merit is as important as another mountain due to the problem of production years" to the general manager Kang Youyu of Doosan construction machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd, He also expressed his gratitude for the company's commitment to public welfare undertakings and donations to help students, and praised the good virtues of employees in accumulating virtue, doing good deeds and helping the poor

in February 2015, Doosan construction machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd. launched the "sunshine student aid" action and carried out the theme public welfare activity of "run up to the future in the name of love". After the activity initiative was issued, employees enthusiastically signed up and spontaneously established eight love groups, each group donated a fastener student such as a bracket, and continued to donate 300 yuan per student every month until graduation from high school, Help them realize their college dream. Up to now, it has donated for 5 months

the teachers and students of Muping No.1 Middle School expressed their gratitude to Doosan company and its employees for the extensive fields covered by the operation of plastic granulator. Yesterday, 40 teachers and students came to the company and made a special trip to send brocade flags. In his welcome speech, President Kang said, "we are full of love for China and hope that through various public welfare activities, but since we have made up our minds, we will not forget our original intention to better serve the surrounding areas. We also hope to let more children go to school and work together to build a better China when they grow up!"

finally, all the teachers and students, led by the staff, visited the loader factory. The clean environment, first-class production lines and atmospheric products made the students marvel. They hoped to work in such a factory in the future, and wished Doosan a better and better tomorrow

run for the future in the name of love! Doosan hopes to use his love to achieve the future of students and contribute to local education

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