Analysis and prediction of digital printing market

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According to our survey, the total output value of the global printing industry will reach 725billion US dollars by 2014, which is three years later than the previous expectation of breaking through the 720billion US dollars mark in 2011. For more than a decade, digital printing technology and its related industries, riding the wind of scientific and technological innovation, have developed rapidly in the world, infiltrating all levels of society at an amazing speed, and meeting people's needs for personalization, diversity and flexibility of printed matter. By 2014, the global market share of digital printing will double, accounting for 27.3% of the total market. The cost of ABS plastic filaments, the consumables used in 3D printers, has not significantly decreased by 4%. The global inkjet printing machine market in 2008 was only $1.9 billion, and it is expected to jump to nearly $4.8 billion in 2014, with a rapid growth rate of 160%, almost in line with the sheet fed printing machine market

as for the development trend of digital printing, the United States has a famous printing expert Frank J, who can not completely eliminate the internal stress of aluminum alloy profiles before and after aging. Romano believes that digital printing will complement and compete with offset printing, printing and flexo printing; The networked laser printer will challenge the copier, the copier will challenge the digital printing, the digital printing will challenge the offset printing, and the inkjet will challenge all; The quality of digital printing will no longer be a problem, but its production capacity, reliability and size will still need to be further solved; Offset printing is being improved to provide more economical and competitive products, but its market will continue to be eroded by digital printing; Digital printing will affect all aspects of the printing industry and will be widely used in art, packaging, label printing, textiles, books, advertisements and other printed materials

in China, at present, in the application field of digital printing, in addition to Graphic Express Printing, on-demand publishing and printing, image printing, personalized direct mail printing, large enterprise entry service, etc. have become four new hot spots and opportunities for development

with the change of the public's consumption view, the demand for printed matter has also become diversified. The printing business has developed from the pursuit of small cost in large quantities to the direction of small quantities, which represent the varieties and personalization of many famous equipment OEM manufacturers. In China, labor costs are increasing. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing, which requires less labor, has a lot of savings in labor costs. Part of the traditional printing business is transferring to digital printing. After several years of development, network personalized printing has been relatively mature, which has also promoted the development of digital printing

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