On the concept of Heidelberg CPC system

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On the concept of Heidelberg CPC system

cpc console: remote control facilities with inking area of all printing units, ink bucket rollers and circumferential/horizontal alignment

cpc console: it has various facilities of CPC, plus the following facilities:

+ electronic pen: it only needs to move the electronic pen on the display of the inking area, which can be sensed: the pressure converter adjusts the required ink supply

+ data cartridge: used for repetitive printing tasks and adjusting data (from CPC)

+ computer and PVC brand hs11300 magnetic memory: when printing the previous task with the printer, use this device to prepare for the next task

cpc console: like CPC

cpc components are connectors with CPC center quality control devices; CPC and CPC are connected by wire

CPC quality control (separate measuring table) reads out the density value of the full print width from the measuring tape in a few seconds, and processes it with a computer CPC Central quality control system can connect up to seven printing presses

dialogue technology, computer evaluation data, and flexible output of data through small disks, fluorescent screens and printing ensure the efficient and reliable use of printing in automotive products. Compared with the problem of connecting to the old belt, the brush quality is improved, and the operation is convenient

cpc printing plate image reader

printing plate image reader measures the ink coverage of printing plate ink area These data are stored on the cassette tape and then on the CPC or CPC console to automatically pre adjust the ink supply of the printer During a certain printing task, the data of the next printing task can be output to the memory of CPC/03 at the same time Then, according to the instruction of improving the torsion according to the overall structure, the ink feeding amount is automatically pre adjusted

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