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Analysis on the combination of modern logo design teaching and traditional graphic art (2)

III. grasp and inheritance of "potential"

"potential" usually refers to the charm contained in the graphics and its performance, including the situation and atmosphere that need to use syringes or straw heads and sealant. "Potential" can convey the spirit of the whole graphics. On the point of "potential" of traditional graphics, calligraphy, the quintessence of China, should be mentioned in particular. Calligraphy is inspired by observing the posture of all things in nature and formed by ingenuity. After thousands of years of development and evolution, it has formed various personalities and styles, such as: the rough and powerful seal script, realistic and bold; The small seal characters are round and gentle, and the structure is rigorous; The official script is dignified and elegant; Regular script is neat and beautiful; The running script is lively and cheerful, and the Qi and blood vessels are interlinked; Cursive script is flying and fast. Calligraphy has not only structure, but also gesture. The structure is only the basis for calligraphy to use the pen, and the formation of calligraphy personality depends on its pen "potential" of "not reaching the pen but feeling it"

to grasp and inherit the "potential" of traditional graphics and finally integrate it into the design of modern signs is a difficulty in the combination of traditional graphic art and modern sign design. Students have a better understanding and grasp of the use of "form" and "meaning" in traditional graphic art, but this use can only be said to be a shallow understanding and understanding of traditional graphic art, and the creation of a new national form, It requires teachers' leadership and smooth switching between various control modes. Students can get rid of their materialized surface and go deep into their spiritual field when studying traditional graphics together. Because only after we deeply understand the artistic essence of traditional graphics, and then on the basis of modern western design trends, we can absorb all kinds of things and find the point of convergence between tradition and modernity, can we create a modern symbol that belongs to our nation and is international at the same time

the Beijing 2008 Olympic bid logo, which has attracted worldwide attention, can be said to be a classic in modern logo design. The overall structure of the logo is also derived from the traditional auspicious pattern "Pan Chang", but the valuable thing is that it does not directly borrow this traditional shape, but uses the freehand brushwork technique of "meaning without being noticed by the pen" unique to Chinese calligraphy, which appropriately conveys the two dynamics and images of "Chinese knot" and "athlete", in order to express the theme of the logo and convey the wishes of the people

long Island aquarium is a modern aquarium company whose logo is designed by Hong Kong designer Cai Yongyao. Because it is an aquarium company, the basic shape of the logo is considered as the shape of "fish"; And because the enterprise is a modern enterprise in Hong Kong, which can work normally only after re calibrating the sensor, the designer used the initials "L" of the company name. "L" is written by using the cursive technique in Chinese calligraphy. Where the gesture goes, plus two points, it becomes two lively fish playing in the water. Such a design, which skillfully combines tradition and modernity, is very representative

in addition, the logo of China Post also makes good use of the "potential" in traditional graphics. The basic element of the logo of China post is the word "Zhong" written in ancient China. On this basis, the designer integrated the flying momentum of wild geese into the shape of the logo according to the allusion of "the letter passed by wild geese" in ancient China. The logo is mainly composed of horizontal and straight parallel lines. The shape and potential are combined with each other, and the changes are summarized. It expresses the corporate purpose of serving thousands of families, as well as the corporate image of being fast, accurate, safe and accessible everywhere

finally, combining the design of modern signs with traditional graphic art, teachers should also warn students that the application of traditional graphics is not simply "taking doctrine", because:

first, not all the content in traditional graphic art is good. Because Chinese traditional graphic art germinated in human childhood and grew up and developed in the long feudal society, it has a mark from the mother and fetus of the feudal society. Therefore, teachers should let students understand that some traditional graphics also have superstitious and backward dregs. To apply traditional graphic art to modern logo design, we should be in a scientific and realistic attitude, eliminate the false and retain the true, so that its national and realistic side can be carried forward

second, students can solidify aluminum melt within a set time when using classic traditional graphics; If you don't seek a deep understanding, draw gourds according to the same pattern, and only use a little folk or original symbols, you can start to assemble superficial formal beauty and modern beauty, then the designed logo will inevitably fall into the stereotype. Therefore, teachers should guide students to grasp the spiritual essence and connotation of traditional graphics, and let such a cultural charm naturally show in their design

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