On the color of traditional Chinese medicine packa

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On the color of traditional Chinese medicine packaging

modern marketing factor combination system engineering theory points out in the discussion of the overall product strategy: an offshore wind power facility has also been invested "Products refer to any tangible goods or intangible services that people provide to the market to meet the needs of consumers or users. Tangible goods mainly include the entity, quality, characteristics, brand and packaging of products; intangible services include after-sales services, product image, reputation, etc. that can bring additional benefits and psychological satisfaction to consumers." Without tangible goods, intangible services are impossible. Packaging is the clothing of tangible goods, which can best reflect the quality, characteristics and brand of products. Without packaging, the public cannot obtain pleasing psychological satisfaction from their products. It can be seen that product packaging is as important as product quality, and it is the primary factor of marketing integration project. A well-known salesman in the West said, "beautiful outer packaging is like a silent salesman". His marketing secret is not only suitable for general goods, but also for drugs as special goods

drugs are special commodities for treating, preventing, nourishing and fitness, and their packaging should also have special requirements. Manufacturers and designers should pay attention to the packaging decoration and the selection of patterns and colors of the drug packaging itself while strictly implementing the provisions of the relevant drug packaging provisions in the National Drug Administration Law. The color and pattern of drug packaging have great influence and temptation on patients (or drug buyers) to choose to buy a certain or a certain brand of drugs

among many factors of packaging image design, color is the most sensitive factor of visual performance. For any commodity, the first thing that catches the eyes of consumers is color. Bright color style can make a product icing on the cake, double its value, and win the attention of buyers. Therefore, one of DuPont's 10 principles is good risk control to generate psychological recognition and desire to buy. According to the results of psychological research by relevant experts, careful selection of different colors with each drug can make this drug give people a special feeling. For example, there is a painkiller called so LP ad E in E, whose outer package is printed with striking red and yellow jagged thick strips, which makes consumers have the psychological impression that "this drug can quickly relieve pain" at first sight

medical supplies include western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, biological products, medical devices, sanitary materials, etc. In the visual performance, the packaging of various preparations not only has the commonness of drug packaging, but also has its own independent connotation. Different color form elements should be selected for the packaging of different drugs to avoid patients' confusion. For example, patients with fever, cold, high fever and inflammation need to be quiet and cool down. Most of the color processing uses cold colors such as blue, green and purple; Patients who are weak after illness and suffer from internal injury and blood loss need to supplement and invigorate blood and nourish their bodies. Most of them use warm colors such as ochre red and orange red. Of course, different regions and nations have different aesthetic customs. We should adjust measures to local conditions and respect local customs. For example, red, which is advocated as festive and auspicious in most parts of China, is regarded as terrifying in Italy; Yellow, which was designated as the central special color by the ancient emperor of China, is considered as a symbol of "death" in Islamic areas. In terms of drug packaging for the treatment of severe cough, purple tone is used in China, while bright red tone is used in the West. It can be seen that there are great differences in psychological reactions to color in different regions

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