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Advantech is pleased to announce the launch of aimb-762, an industrial ATX motherboard based on Intel 945G platform. It supports Intel Pentium D dual core processor, high bandwidth dual channel DDR2 533/677 memory, PCI-E bus, sataii and high-speed USB2.0 interface, so the system performs well. Aimb-762 provides excellent graphics processing functions, impressive visual quality and a variety of video output options Aimb-762 provides excellent performance for multimedia and multitasking industries at an ideal price

is designed as an efficient processing platform. The aimb-762 supports the Intel dual core Pentium D processor of LGA775, other Intel Pentium 4 processors and Celeron processors. The aimb-762 has built-in Intel 945G chipset, supports processors up to 3.8ghz, and the system bus supports 533/800mhz It supports up to 10.7gb/s bandwidth and 4GB memory capacity. Dual channel DDRII 533/677 memory enhances processing capacity and memory efficiency, and supports 64 bit computing power

combined with the latest dual core technology, aimb-762 provides obvious performance improvement. Unlike single core processors, dual core processors have two independent processing cores and use separate 2MB L2 cache for multitasking. The introduction of dual core processors provides the computing platform with more capabilities to deal with multi tasks, and provides the whole system with more rapid interaction capabilities

product features:

1 Excellent graphics processing ability: the built-in integrated graphics card of aimb-762 has excellent image performance, and provides a PCI-E x16 slot. The on-board Intel GMA950 graphics control chip can support shared memory up to 224mb, providing excellent multimedia and 3D performance at a low price. Through the built-in Intel 945 chipset and Dvo output. Aimb-762 supports double headed display, such as DVI, LVDS, etc. If users need to have higher graphics processing capacity in Simon storer's 12 months as CEO of the British polyurethane rigid foam Association, a PCI-E x 16 bus provided by the aimb-762 can provide 3.5 times higher bandwidth than the traditional agpx8, so it can support the latest high-performance display card

2. In order to consider the possible expansion performance of investment in Jilin Province and Changchun City, aimb-762 provides a variety of expansion interfaces for future expansion through Intel ich7r Nanqiao chip. Data discreteness: one PCI-E x16 interface, one PCI-E X4 interface, and five 32-bit/33mhz PCI slots. PCI-E x16 is the best i/o interface for graphics technology because it supports up to 8gb/s parallel bidirectional bandwidth. The 32 bit/33MHz PCI slot supports the current mainstream expansion devices. In addition, in order to meet the needs of increasing data transmission rate, the aimb-762 provides eight high-speed USB2.0 interfaces, and four sataii interfaces on board, which can provide peripheral devices with a transmission rate of up to 3gbp/s

3 Excellent and reliable network performance: in addition, aimb-762 also provides higher bandwidth and more reliable network performance, which are based on PCI-E dual Gigabit Ethernet technology. Each PCI-E interface provides 3.5 times the bandwidth of the traditional PCI bus, providing faster connection speed for peripherals and networks. Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports provide redundancy to prevent the other port from being replaced in time when one port fails, thus avoiding downtime and information loss

4. Storage reliability: when we build an industrial system, the reliability and protection of data are our most concerned issues. In this regard, aimb-762 provides support based on software RAID (raid0, 1, 5, 0+1), which can provide a variety of data protection and avoid the additional cost of users investing in an expensive raid card

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