Late prediction of the hottest domestic monoammoni

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The General Administration of Customs will adjust the export tariff of some products. First, the special export tariff of nitrogen fertilizer and synthetic ammonia will be raised to 150% from September 1, 2008, and will be implemented until December 31, 2008

II. From October 1 to December 31, 2008, 100% special export tariffs will continue to be levied on chemical fertilizers and chemical fertilizer raw materials other than the above two products. Ammonium phosphate will continue to maintain the previous tariff until December 30. Although the tariff in the fourth quarter was reduced to 120%, domestic enterprises are still unable to export

future market prediction of Monoammonium: if the test piece of ammonium phosphate needs to be tested for the second time, it faces new challenges. There is no market for diammonium, and the trading volume is very small. However, monoammonium has no market and no price, so it is difficult to make a deal. Dealers buy it up or down, but they dare not purchase in large quantities when it has entered the fertilizer preparation season

post market analysis of diammonium: the international price of diammonium decreased, and the trading volume decreased slightly. There is no market for domestic diammonium, and the trading volume is small. Northeast dealers are worried about repeating the mistakes of diammonium in this spring by using applicable materials: rubber, plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials, and began to start the procurement plan for next year. However, due to the impact of the recent diammonium market, the panic increased domestically, and they stopped the procurement plan, and some dealers even shelved the contracts they were operating. Since August last year, dealers in North China, Northwest China and other places have begun to prepare for autumn peak fertilizer, but this year they have been afraid to start, and grass-roots dealers also face it with a small number of times. It is expected that the transaction price of diammonium will remain between yuan/ton in the future

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