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The SSC rotary offset press produced by Shanghai Gauss printing equipment Co., Ltd. is a relatively advanced web offset press in China at present. Each machine is equipped with a 75kW main motor in the orientation group indicating the relative rolling direction of the ear when necessary. The maximum values of various values beyond the full scale of the master coordinate diagram and other experimental forces. Due to the high power and high speed, the motor is easy to produce high temperature and cause damage to the motor. Therefore, the designers respectively assemble a runner fan for them for cooling. At the same time, in order to prevent the fan from bringing the dust in the air into the motor, a squirrel cage filter is installed at the air inlet of the fan. The SSC rotary offset press used in our factory has exposed many defects after a period of operation. First, because the filter is exposed to the air for a long time, a large amount of dust left after filtration adheres to it, making the surface of the machine dirty and ugly; Secondly, because the filter is assembled at the air inlet by many small screws, it is troublesome to disassemble every time; Thirdly, because the filter is made of a cloth sandwiched between two layers of iron wire, the filtered dust is trapped in the gap of the filter, which is not easy to clean

in view of the above situation, we have transformed it. The transformed filter has the following characteristics:

1 Neat appearance. After the transformation, the filter device is inside the filter, so that the dust left after air filtration is attached to it, which only needs to be cleaned once a week

2. Convenient for disassembly and cleaning. Just lift the filter cover gently and unscrew a hand nut on the filter, and the filter can be easily removed

3. Easy to clean and filter. Since there is only one layer of filtration, you only need to place it in the cleaning solution and brush it with a brush

4. The filter is changed from a large square to a small semicircle, which takes up less space, and has a beautiful and practical appearance

5. The materials used are simple, low cost and easy to make

many printing plants that use SSC rotary offset presses may encounter this problem. A small reform will get twice the result with half the effort. The transformation method is briefly described as follows

materials used: an ordinary motor cover with a diameter of 260mm, a pair of small folding leaves, a section of No. 8 iron wire, a section of No. 22 iron wire, and a piece of ordinary yarn, φ Several 5mm screws, φ A 5mm screw wrench nut. The electrolyte market is mainly dominated by China, Japan and South Korea. The scientific research team of the Institute of physical and chemical technology combines the non enzymatic hydrolysis process, water solubility process and biodegradation process

specific transformation steps:

1 Install the small folding leaf above the motor cover

2. Make a circle with a diameter of 220mm with No. 8 iron wire, weld No. 8 iron wire along the diameter line of the iron wire circle, and then weld a circle perpendicular to the iron wire circle in the center of this section of No. 8 iron wire φ 5mm screw

3. Thread the yarn through φ The 5mm screw is covered on the iron wire ring, and the yarn is bound on the iron wire ring with No. 22 iron wire. The filtration is completed

4. Filter the φ The 5mm screw passes through the motor cover and is tightened with the nut by hand, and the filter is made

5. Buckle the filter at the air inlet of the fan. At this time, the small folding leaf on the filter should be directly above. Through the screw hole above the folding blade, punch and tap on the fan plate with φ 5mm screws fix the folding leaf on the filter on the fan board, and the filter is installed

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